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5 Reasons Why Ashburne Hall is the Best!

So, you’ve got your offer from Manchester. You’re looking forward to the prospect of living by yourself and being able to eat chips and gravy in bed at 5am, but first you have to pass those all important exams. But what then? Have you thought about the reality of actually living in Manchester? Or even looked at the possibilities of what accommodation available to you? If the answer to these questions is a no, then have no fear. Alix is here (yes, that rhymed, I am a creative writing student) to guide you through one of the many options available to you: Ashburne Hall in Fallowfield, right in the buzzing heart of student life. Here are five reasons why Ashburne Hall is the best!photo-1.php

You will get breakfast and dinner every weekday.

For many prospective students, the idea of catered accommodation serves only to remind one of dodgy school dinners. However, it’s not until you’ve actually reached university when you learn to truly appreciate how hard it is to cook nutritious and delicious meals for yourself whilst balancing study, societies and singing your heart out in Fifth or Factory. Ashburne eradicates this problem by providing its student population with admittedly delicious meals twice a day, five days a week. I can tell you, from personal experience, it really is a lifesaver.

You’re in the beating heart of Fallowfield, but with trees.

Although Ashburne is in Fallowfield, the most lively and popular of student areas, Ashburne is behind the tower, situated among a beautiful scenery of trees,

a lawn and even a small pond. Although it takes less than five minutes to walk to Squirrels (the Fallowfield bar), Ashburne itself is quiet and perfect if you want to strike up that perfect balance of study and socialising.

19-the-library01The library.

You may scoff at this now, but the library situated down the stairs from the dining hall in Ashburne has been perfect for me when I have a huge pile of work to do and cannot bring myself to work in my room. The Ashburne library is a beautiful old library with hundreds of books and plenty of desks overlooking the lawn. It’s great that I can spend a few hours in the library and then go back to my room for a break or if I’ve forgotten a book instead of having to get a bus back from the main University library. Definitely worth taking into account, especially as this is completely unique to Ashburne.


Other halls also have formals, but the Ashburne formals are definitely special in the sense that it is a small hall, so that the whole community of students, post-grads and personal tutors can get together for a meal in the dining hall, donned in their suits and dresses. It’s BYOB, however you get a three-course meal and it’s served straight to your table. A really nice occasion that happens every month that everyone at Ashburne looks forward to.

Norman the warden

Every student forum and Tab article that you read when researching Ashburne Hall will undoubtedly mention the legendary warden, Norman. He’s been here for years and he’s a friendly face that you will unquestionably meet at formal dinners, Ashburne and Sheavyn socials, and fun fire alarms at five in the morning. Norman really looks after the students under his care and he’s a great person to talk to if you’re experiencing any problems in halls or feeling a bit homesick. Also, his Facebook statuses are legendary.


From easter egg hunts to house hunts

Before Easter, the University held “accommodation tours”- showing the various types of residences we have available. As you may have seen on the Uni website there are 3 different areas where most of the halls are. These are as follows…

1.) City Campus
2.) Victoria Park Campus
3.) Fallowfield Campus

Although the Uni website is good at giving an idea of costs and facilities, I think sometimes all you want to know is what the area is really like. So, to help out all of those searching for the perfect pad I’ve created a handy area guide as well as insights from current students!


What I’ve learned from my first semester at Manchester- the lowdown from ten Freshers across campus

As the Christmas holidays and New Year spirit slowly die away and the students flock back to Manchester in the hundreds and start infecting Fallowfield with their off-key singing and Kebab King remnants once more, the thoughts of the second semester of university begin to plague the hearts and minds of the once young and (questionably) wise students of this great university. However, thoughts cannot possibly move forward to the second semester without thinking back to the weeks that have passed, and what we have learned about our first semester as a fresher at the estimable University of Manchester. I have taken the liberty of surveying the university campus far and wide, from Owens Park to Ashburne Hall and Richmond Park to talk to real students (seriously, I’m not witty enough to make up these quotes on my own) to find out what they really learned throughout the first 12 weeks of being a Fresher at Manchester.

So let’s meet the Freshers and hear their (definitely) invaluable words of wisdom…


5 tips for living in halls!

Quote of the day: “Double the pineapple, double the greatness”

Week 10 has turned up and the last few weeks have passed in a whirlwind of assignments, takeout’s and visits home to Northern Ireland. Enough time has passed that I have become accustomed to life in university halls and may be able to impart some words of wisdom. Living life in university (or private) halls can be tricky, but there are a few tips and tricks, which can make life easier.

“…there are a vast array of halls with different lifestyles and mixes of people inside.”


Cooking for Beginners

Student quote of the day – ‘You don’t understand until you understand’.

5 weeks gone in Manchester and I’ve established a few things:

  • Takeaway is one of man’s greatest inventions.
  • Cooking fires are very exciting but not recommended.
  • Don’t eat raw chicken (obvious, but I feel it should still be mentioned, you know what students are like).


Despite some mishaps with the cooker it’s been a success story in general and my flat mates and I have even gotten a cooking system in place – myself and one other prepare the meals whilst the rest clean. Various Shepard pies, a taco casserole and meatball marinara have graced our kitchen over the weeks (and unfortunately have disappeared in next to no time at all).

Sheppard Pie

And my culinary exploration of Manchester has had me fine dining on pizza, chicken wraps of all types and even some fish and chips. It’s been heart-warming (all blame goes to the cholesterol for that) however the thrill is wearing off and some care packages being sent in from family have been met with tears of appreciation (admittedly I did stub my toe at the time but nevertheless the food was delicious). I even managed to snag a free meal at Zouk and some chocolate laced pancakes on the Curry Mile, paid for by some much loved uncles.

Unfortunately some bad habits are creeping in most particularly in the kitchen area, where the once endangered dirty dish is now as regular a visitor as I am. A second midnight cleaning session undid most of the damage however an uneaten watermelon whose presence I had become accustomed to had to leave. RIP Steve the watermelon.

Steve the watermelon, RIP

Steve the watermelon, RIP

Aside from the loss of Steve all is well in the world and even the 40 minute trek to university has been accepted and dare I say it, enjoyed from time to time. Plug in the phone, blast some ‘Learn to speak Spanish’ podcasts and faze out the world as you dander down the road whilst trying to dodge cars (the red and green traffic men are ignored in this strange land). Life is good! Hasta luego!

The big hello – halls, hangovers and a hell of a good city tour!

Hiya guys,

Seeing as this is my first blog I think a good way to start would be to introduce myself! I’m Chloe and I’m currently 4 weeks into my first year of studying Chinese and Linguistics at the University of Manchester.

Coming from a little village in Cornwall where the most exciting thing that happens is the bus turning up on time the move to Manchester was super exciting for me! So after numerous goodbyes to my extensive family, my decision was made and on the 18th of September 2015 I began my journey “Up North”.


Tips for living in halls

Hello, and welcome to the first of my many blog posts! My name is Alix, and I study English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Manchester. I hope you find these posts interesting and helpful- I know it seems overwhelming even to think about university but I’m hoping that this blog will make the transition seem a little less scary.

I live in Fallowfield in Ashburne Hall, which you may or may not have heard of. That’s okay. Not many people have. When I was applying to Manchester, Fallowfield meant two things: Squirrels (the bar in Fallowfield) and the slightly ominous (and extremely loud) tower.  I was extremely wrong. Fallowfield is a vibrant, diverse student hub: good for those who like to party and also for those who appreciate a bit of quiet. Ashburne Hall is a good mix of both. With University accommodation, it’s often a good idea to not listen to everything you get told.

The upshot is, there are pros and cons to every University accommodation. That’s just the way it works. But, nine times out of ten, you will get accustomed to where you live, meet amazing people and most importantly, get used to living by yourself. However, I do have some tips to share with you just to make that period of adjustment just that little bit easier.