Welcome to The University of Manchester’s official student blogs!

Here, our current students will tell you everything you need to know about studying and living in Manchester, from the study facilities to the best pubs and clubs.

You’ve probably heard the facts and figures… Manchester is home to 25 Nobel Prize winners, 92% of our graduates go straight into employment or further study…

It’s true – you can even visit the very same building where Ernest Rutherford first spilt the atom or bump into the man who discovered graphene on Oxford Road.

These facts are pretty impressive. But what’s it like to actually be a student here?

Take a look below and meet our student bloggers. We hope you enjoy the read!



Name: Cristina Jiang

Degree: 2nd year Biotechnology

Favourite TV show: Suits

Favourite band/artist: Bastille

Fun fact: I’m Chinese, but I was born and raised in Italy!

I like to travel, read and eat. Follow my blog for more food adventures in Manchester and for useful tips to truly enjoy the city.

Read my blog here.



Name: Jake Jones

Degree: MPhys Physics

Favourite TV Show: Have I Got News For You

Favourite band/Artist: Tricky… I’m listening to loads of Scissor Sisters currently.

Fun fact: I’m a mountaineer and I use my adventures to find inspiration for art.  I spend most of my free time planning my next trip or night out!

 Read my blog here.



Name: Florian Forster

Degree: MEng Chemical Engineering (with Industrial Experience)

Favourite TV Show: Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman

Favourite band/Artist: Gorillaz

Read my blog here.



Name: Hannen Omami

Degree: Year 1 of biomedical science

Favourite TV Show: Gilmore Girls and How to Get Away with Murder
Favourite band/Artist: Alessia Cara and Pentatonix

Fun fact: I consider myself an avid reader, Netflix-enthusiast and chocolate addict. I also love learning to play new instruments.

Read my blog here.



Name: Mary Johnson

Degree: Music

Favourite TV Show: The Office

Favourite Band/Artist: The Lumineers/Michael Giacchino

Fun fact: My only ever trip to A&E was to have a ring, that got stuck, removed from my middle finger… My family used to keep pet goats!

Read my blog here.



Name: Orla Hadjisophocleous

Degree: BSc ITMB

Favourite TV Show: Orange Is the New Black

Favourite Band/Artist: Florence and the Machine

Fun fact: I add halloumi to practically every meal I make

Read my blog here.



Name: James Waterfield

Degree: Second year Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Favourite TV show: Sherlock

Favourite Singer: Jack Garratt or Rag n Bone Man.

Read my blog here.



Name: Tasnim Chowdhury

Degree: 2nd year Linguistics

Favourite TV show: Suits, The Flash, Pretty Little Liars, Casualty

Favourite band/artist: One Direction, McFly, Lindsey Stirling (she is an amazing violinist!)

Fun fact: I am absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter.

I was born and brought up in Manchester, so I’d like to think I know quite a lot about the city.

Read my blog here.



Name: Emily Storey

Degree: Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Favourite TV show: Will and Grace

Favourite artist: Dodie Clark

Fun fact: I once cried my way through the Guatemalan border.

Read my blog here.



  1. Great you’re doing this! I just want to ask everybody this; I’m considering studying in the Uni of Manchester after high school. I’m an EU student and want to study Chinese. What are the living costs in there? Like I read that it’s 9000 pounds but including what? Total living and studying cost there? Also do you recommend to live in the campus or sth else.

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