Escape to the Peak District

As exams and deadlines start to creep up on us, University life can start to become more stressful than usual.

Work can start to get on top of you and it is easy to feel trapped with nowhere to go. But don’t worry, I have felt like this myself many times before, and so have the majority of students. My one piece of advice for you, would be to escape the city for a few hours and clear your head.

One of the many advantages of studying in Manchester is that we are surrounded by amazing national parks, one of them being the Peak District.

Below I will outline what you can do in a single afternoon in the Peaks.

12:50pm: Catch a train from Manchester Piccadilly to Edale

13:30pm: Arrive in Edale

13:35pm: Grab a bite to eat at Penny Pot Cafe

13:40pm: Walk to Mam Tor


14:00pm: Arrive at the bottom of Mam Tor

Here you can climb to the top to see amazing 360 views of the peaks.

14:30pm: Head down the other side of Mam Tor towards Winnats Pass


14:45pm: Arrive at Winnats Pass

This is a great photo opportunity and at the bottom of the pass on weekdays there is the Speedwell cavern, which is a boat trip through the underground caves, If you decide to do this then I would recommend heading into Castleton, the nearby town and grabbing a coffee and local pastries before heading home, you could catch a train home at around 17:00pm. However if you don’t do this then…

15:15pm: Walk to Jacobs Ladder


This is a long walk, but you pass through Baber Booth and over some stunning rivers.

16:45pm: Arrive at Jacobs Ladder

From here I would recommend you take the long route though Kinder Scout National Nature Reserve back to Edale.


19:30pm: Train Home, Edale to Manchester

The itinerary above is just one of the many trips you can do into the Peak District. With hiking, Cycling, Rock Climbing, Photography, Museums, Art Galleries, Historic Houses and Castles, wildlife and so much more it really is one of the best places to go to feel a sense of freedom from university life.

The world is a lot bigger than oxford road, a lot bigger than Manchester and so when university gets too much, or even when you have some free time just escape.

For more information please go to ‘Experience Peak District and Derbyshire,’ the official Peak District website where they have all the information you need.




















From here I would recommend you take the long route though Kinder Scout National Nature Reserve back to Edale.


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