5 Tips on how to keep up with extra reading!

Are you finding it hard keeping up with all the extra reading? Do your lecturers assign you with too much extra reading? Is it difficult to find time for assignments, online tests and writing notes? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are in luck because I have 5 tips to help you keep up with extra reading. Extra reading is not everyone’s favourite task however sometimes it is required. It allows you to answer those unanswered questions from lectures and it prepares you more for exams.



Personally, I find that planning your day ahead of time always works out best. Not having time to do something usually indicates that you are not using time efficiently or planning the time to do it.  Therefore, I propose writing out an entire days schedule out the night before onto a piece of paper. Make sure to plan a specific time for each activity and include breaks!

This way your day will be more ordered and you will feel more accomplished by the end of the day. When every task is assigned a specific time for completion, it eventually becomes easier to complete as each day passes by.



Another technique I usually find very helpful is to do all the extra reading right after the lecture and before you write up your notes. Reading after the lecture is a more efficient way of writing up your notes as the material is still fresh in your mind. It also makes it easier to understand the extra reading in order to incorporate it into your notes.


I find it best to do my extra reading when I’m actually on campus. It saves you from lugging the books home for reading (and having to remember to return them too!). There are plenty of quiet areas to study on campus including:

  • The Main library
  • The learning commons
  • Stopford library
  • Precinct library

Most of them even have cafes for when you are craving a coffee boost or even a slice of cake!



If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with all that extra reading right after lectures thentumblr_odde9ed8DR1vqc713o1_500 I suggest making a to-do list. You can even purchase one of those nicely decorated pre-printed ones from WHSmiths, if that kind of thing helps you feel more inspired!.
List the pages of books you need to read for each lecture you have each week..
Try to do a weekly to-do list and make sure it doesn’t extend over to the next week. As otherwise you will end up with an even longer list by the end of the second week. Most importantly make sure to check each box as you go along –it’s a great feeling!


Talking to course mates who are doing the same modules can be a great way to keep up with extra reading.. Maybe book a study room in either the main library, learning commons or Stopford library and discuss what you have all read. Having a date set for a discussion can motivate you to complete the extra reading before then Working through r the material together will also make it easier to understand.


I hope these 5 tips can help you in keeping up with all the extra reading you have been assigned. Remember to plan and organise every task in order to complete everything more efficiently. Most importantly remember to take frequent breaks to give your brain a rest.



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