5 Places To Go In Between Lectures

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I have made the effort to get up for a 10am
lecture (ugh, I know), then I want to make the most of it. Although it is tempting to
admit defeat and roll back into bed, it’s highly unlikely that you will make it out again
for your afternoon lecture. So I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the top 5
places for you to go to in between lectures, either by yourself to catch up on lecture
reading or with your mates for some relaxing time before you get back to the hard
graft! This is great information to know for during Welcome Week, where you have
lots of introductory lectures – it’s well worth asking the person next to you if they want
to go for a coffee after it’s over. You never know, you might just find your new best

Oxford Road Starbucks (by the hospital/medical school)

This is a Starbucks that not many students are aware about, as it is tucked inside the
main entrance gates to the hospital, but it’s well worth the find. Enormous,
comfortable and flooded with natural light from its huge windows, this Starbucks is
the perfect place to grab coffee with a friend in between lectures, or just to come by
yourself to do some reading. The baristas are so friendly and it is such a relaxed
atmosphere. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for somewhere to work or
just to chill.

Lawn outside the Learning Commons

A typical image of the University Prospectus shows a lively group of studentsAli g
relaxing languidly on the lawn outside the Learning Commons, and if you come here,
this image could become a reality. Perfect on a summer or early Autumn day, the
Learning Commons are the ideal place to relax or have lunch during a study break.

There are a few benches if you don’t like bugs crawling all over you, but you’ll
probably be more focused on the imminent possibility of rain.

 SU Bar


A favourite of mine for a spot of lunch (the grilled chicken is so good!) the Student
Union Bar is a good, central place to hang out in between lectures and also a good
place to spend your money because it goes back to the University, and you are also
supporting the students that work there. There are TVs with Friends reruns, pool
tables, cheap drinks and a huge array of food. The SU Bar will definitely become a
regular spot if you are a student at the University of Manchester.

The Atrium


Also not a very well-known place, The Atrium is located on the first floor of University
Place (the tin can building) and has many facilities such as student support,
academic guidance, workshops and counselling. However, The Atrium also has a
great study area where you can relax or catch up with uni work. There is WiFi
access, computers, a printer and a photocopier and comfy sofas with places to plug
you laptop or phone in, what’s not to like? The Atrium is also a great place to try if
you’re struggling to find a space to study in the Learning Commons.

The Library Lounge

Definitely my go-to if I need to kill some time in between lectures, the Library Lounge
is a small café selling hot and cold sandwiches, soup, noodles, crisps, chocolate and
drinks. However it’s also somewhere you can eat your own packed lunch, while
catching up with friends or finishing off some work. The radio is always on and there
is a relaxed atmosphere. Some students also use the Library Lounge for group
revision sessions, so it’s definitely worth trying out if you and your friends are looking
for somewhere to work together!


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