Can we start dreaming about summer yet…

With exams coming to a close and a bright (and probably mostly wet) British summer well and truly in sight its time to take a look at what’s on offer here in Manchester in the coming months. Whether you love the odd festival, want to travel within to the country or explore some last-minute society events there’s plenty to choose from.

First and foremost we have Parklife. Featuring household names such as Ice Cube, Jess Glynne and Katy B this independent music festival sees over 70,000 people attend each day to sing, dance and scream along to their favourite artists. “However”, says the distraught student, “At £100 a ticket its much too expensive for me”. Well here’s the best news of all: if you are willing to volunteer and help out at the event you receive a ticket for free! So for those with tighter purses this may be an event to take a look at and with tickets disappearing fast, something to take a look at sooner rather than later. Parklife will take place this year in Heaton Park from June 11th to June 12th.

Next on the list to look at is Pangaea carnival taking place on June 9th in the Student’s Union. Featuring 7,000 fellow student attendees, 15 different rooms each catering to a different music taste and fancy dress throughout its certain to be a memorable experience. Tickets are available from student reps as well as from the Student’s Union but similarly to Parklife, tickets tend to go fast so buy sooner rather than later!

For those less interested in partying and more interested in travel why not take a trip with the international society? Featuring a range of post-exam trips including excursions to the Lake District and the Snowden Mountain Railway it could be just the reward after weeks of exam-fuelled stress. Prices for trips range from £30 to £40 pounds, with members of the society receiving a discounted price and lower prices for children up to the age of 16. The society also runs summer language courses at a range of difficulty levels, catering to those interested in learning Spanish, French and many others. Classes run throughout the year however each class takes only a small number of students, so its best to decide quickly!

Lastly we have the Jazz Festival running from the 22nd to the 1st of July. Tickets can be as low as £7.20 per day and with around 8 acts per day it’s certainly worth a look at. The event takes place mostly in Northern Quarter and with the event attracting international attention due to it featuring original music; chances are you will see something new every day.

These are but a few events happening this summer and I for one can’t wait (mostly because exams will be over). I would highly recommend going to at least one of the events above if only to have some incentive to study hard for the remaining exams. And speaking of exams, I best get back to work…


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