University… What’s it actually about?

Wow, hasn’t that year flown by. 9 months ago I started my adventure in Manchester, armed with boxes and anticipation and now, I sit here having finished my first year!! You always hear people saying “enjoy your first year whilst it lasts” and having just finished mine… I would say this is a good bit of advice!

“After all, no one can have too many friends!”

Obviously the primary reason (for most) to come to University is to get a degree but in myball table opinion, going to university is about much much more. You learn how to shop, cook, wash, and dry (even with a hangover) but most of all you learn how to be you.

The fist thing I want to stress about University is everybody has a different experience. Its like learning to drive, some people get it first time and for some it takes a bit longer. Being a bit of a chatterbox and heavily involved in 6th form life last year, I was expecting to come to University, instantly fit in and make wonderful friends… For me that wasn’t the case. Like learning to drive, it took me a bit longer. But once I had found my “click” and what I enjoyed doing, I was away!

Secondly, in my opinion the “society and sports fair” is one of the most important events to attend in Freshers week. ALL of the societies and sports teams at the University come along so its the best way to have a gander at whats on offer and decide what you may be interested in. Being the typical fresher, I signed up for about 10 different clubs that day… thinking I would be able to play water polo, volunteer at a homeless shelter and balllearn how to canoe all in one week! In retrospect, I may have been a little bit too eager! But I’m still part of the UoM Water Polo team, and LOVE it.

As well as learning some new skills, joining a team or society puts you in touch with people similar to yourself! Whether you like playing football or watching Game of Thrones there will be a club for you. It’s also great to have a different group of friend outside your course and accommodation. After all, no one can have too many friends!

So, my advice? Come to University with adaptable expectations, think about joining a club or society, and most importantly enjoy your first year whilst it lasts!!!

Chloe xx

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