Manchester for Bibliophiles

For those “Coming Soon” and “New Arrivals” in the Book of Manchester, you’ll have a great time for the love of books. When I refer to books here, I don’t mean textbooks. For booklovers, summer is the prime time to find a nice cosy spot out in the brilliant sun, open up a book and forget about the world around you. And trust me, you need to make most of the British dry sunny days. Even if it’s not sunny, you still have some brilliant indoor reading areas you should visit with your favourite book. I will share my top 5 reading spots and bookstores.

Here are some of my favourite reading spots:

#1 – The space between AGLC and Main Library


You might wonder why on Earth would one not sit inside the Learning Commons and go out to read. But, the reason is that the moment you start reading, you feel like you’re revising for an exam. And that’s not what you want! You are reading for fun. And so, you want a nice cool space that makes reading leisurely.

#2 – The green space outside Sackville Street Building


This space is often quiet, far from the busy south campus and sometimes occupied by leisure-seeking students who get free from a lesson in Sackville Street Building.


#3- Whitworth/Platt Fields Park


You could go to either of the parks if the weather is pleasant and sitting on the grass and reading an unfinished book is all you need to take the stress away. A random walk in a park is healthy; reading a book in the park is even healthier.

#4 -Manchester Central Library


This central space is quite a nice place to sit if you are near the city centre and want a peaceful mind and a serene place to give the much needed time to your book.


#5 -The Reading Rooms at John Ryland’s Library


You could bring your books at John Rylands Library on Deasngate and find a space in The Reading Room. A space at the Elsevier Room could also be reserved if there is a manuscript you wish to read from the library’s archives.

A review of the book stores

If you wish to buy books, then apart from the online bookstores (Abebooks, The Book Depository and Amazon)and the most expensive ones (Blackwells, WH Smith and Waterstones), you have these cheaper options:

The Works

Sometimes, when I walk into the store, I find great discount offers, the best being 3 paperbacks for £5. I have bought many books of my interest at reduced prices, which are genuinely much lower than the other book stores in town.

Vintage and Used Books


There are sometimes mini bookstalls appearing randomly on Oxford Road, where you might find an old book that you had been looking for since ages. There are also a few second hand and vintage bookstores near Manchester Arndale and Shudehill that you may visit if you wish to have more books in the same budget J.

If you are a true bibliophile, you’ll definitely find a reading space in any corner or open space, and bookshops will miraculously appear out of nowhere and you end up buying some book.

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