5 best places to study on campus

Student quote of the day – “Is this spoon clean?”

                                           “That’s a fork”.

Before delving into the topic of where to study, I must make an important note saying that it’s now the time of the year to start preparing to get involved in societies for next year. At this point societies look to elect their new committees and as a result there are many opportunities to get more involved in the inner workings of a society. Being someone who hasn’t gotten very involved in any societies in my first year (give me a break, I’ve been busy), I’d highly recommend you involve yourself as much as possible to meet as many people as possible whilst adding a little bit to your CV along the way. Something to think about!

Now onto the task at hand: finding that perfect study spot in a city teeming with students of all varieties. As exams get ever closer, the city’s libraries become the number one place to be and as a result space is at a premium. So where can you go? Well I can offer some help on that front:


  • Libraries: Yes ok I just said they were full for large portions of the day, however if you are a night owl like myself the library can prove to be a good spot. In particular the student commons (located just outside the main library) is a good spot to grab a coffee and snacks and work till the night turns to morning.
  • Cafes: As well as the mainstream names of Starbucks and Costa students can find comfort (and a cheap cuppa) in an array of local, independent coffee houses and cafes across the city. Nowadays most feature wifi as well as sockets to allow devices to be charged; perfect for the modern day student with his trusty laptop and tablet device. And if you happen to like the smell of coffee, well, that’s a good bonus.
  • Parks: Students worldwide can all attest to one fact: exam weather is the best weather of the year. You just know the day before that crucial exam the sun will be shining, no clouds will be in sight and, well, you’ll be stuck inside staring at musty textbooks all day right? Wrong! You can bring the musty textbooks outside! Why not study under the cool shade of a tree on a sunny afternoon? Much nicer than being stuck inside if you ask me…
  • Book a study space: As well as the main library and learning commons, Barnes Wallis computer cluster (northern campus) features study rooms equipped with TVs and whiteboard markers that are free to book for any UoM student. Simply log into your my Manchester account and with a few clicks the space can be booked, sometimes weeks in advance. Very good for group study sessions (or forcing friends to teach you as you strive for that ‘barely passed the test’ feeling’.
  • Accommodation common rooms: Whilst being the venue of many a wild night (and some strange Bhangra themed ones) the common room of your halls may be a good spot to study. I for one know the impossibilities of studying in my room so the common room provides an area that is reasonably quiet, close to home for any forgotten books and again, a good space to host a group study session. Worst come worst you can always try your hand at some Bhangra dancing!


Ok so there are all the places I myself have used to study (as well as pretend to study) and hopefully they will help you in your cause to find your perfect study spots.


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