The City of Sports – Manchester

If you are planning to come to Manchester for a one-year degree and want to make the most of it, then it is quite imperative to understand the spirit of sports and the love this city has for it. When in Manchester, do what Mancunians do!

“If sports is in your blood, then Manchester is definitely the city you are looking for….”



The thrill before a football match, and the moment you stand outside the stadium is truly amazing.

It is no wonder that many students choose Manchester so that they can watch their favourite football matches live in the stadium. Manchester boasts Etihad Stadium and Old Trafford, two hot spots for the English Premier League. The city of sports offers you multiple chances to watch your favourite teams play. You could buy cheap tickets online, get perks of becoming a member to a sports club of your choice, and even get great prices through the Student’s Union for certain matches.



It is true that the famous Oxford Road is changing and the plans to “go Dutch” are already in action since the start of 2016, but cycling was never so much fun. For that, one thing you must try when you come to study in Manchester is the BMX track, both indoor and outdoor. Often forgotten because of the giant Etihad Stadium in Ancoats, the National Cycling Centre offers you facilities for BMX, Velodrome and MTB.

You just need to register online and get your free one-month membership. Then, you may call and book a session with NCC, or do it online. There is a student concession as well. For BMX indoor track, which I tried this month, there is a one-hour session and you get a cycle, a helmet and gear to try this adventure and feel the adrenaline rush. Don’t be afraid. A coach will be there to guide you if you are a newbie.


“Sports is in our blood”, is rightly the slogan that lures you into Manchester Aquatic Centre. Located on the famous Oxford Road, you go past this building and you can never miss it. This place offers swimming lessons for new comers and is a perfect place for someone who wishes to see how good a pool has to be for hosting events like the Olympic games.

The Sports Society offers many sports and activities through its ‘Sporticipate’ program that engages you to participate in Badminton, Table Tennis and other sports scheduled over the week at the university owned sports complex. The Armitage Centre and Sugden Centre have facilities for you to explore the love Manchester has for sports.

Around the city you will find bowling alleys, skiing arenas and skating grounds that keep you refreshing over the mundane study life.

If sports is in your blood, then Manchester is definitely the city you are looking for.


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