Manchester area guide

Student quote of the day: ‘I FORGOT THE RUBBER DUCKS DAMMIT’.

Manchester. It’s a huge city lying within Britain’s second most-populous urban area with a population of 2.55 million people. However as with every city, once you settle in you will usually only see small parts of the city in daily life. Why, after living in the city for around 8 months now I’ve only really explored a small area around the university and student-dominated areas. So with a late new years resolution of sorts, I have the intention to explore much more of the city – and whilst I’m at it you might as well learn a bit about it too!

The city can be broken up into different districts, each with a different mishmash of cultural backgrounds, housing areas and attractions. Unfortunately I can’t look into all of the districts, simply because there are too many (57 in total)!



Home to a large student population (my own home-from-home included) and the curry mile. Located around 2 miles south of the city centre it is in my opinion the best area to live as a student (mainly completely because of access to food). Access is the key factor here; access to a variety of food and supermarkets, only a short walk away from the centre of the university as well as Fallowfield for the student nightlife. Perfection.



This is where most students can be found, living in either student halls or in one of hundreds of housing areas that cover a massive area. Catering to students is key here and as a result a large Sainsbury’s as well as a range of takeaways, hairdressers and (of course) bars! And whilst being slightly further away from the centre of campus, bus services run very regularly and a brand new cycle lane all the way down the curry mile allows students to come and go with ease.

Victoria Park

Last of the student areas it is for those who prefer a slightly quieter student lifestyle. Less partying takes place however still inhabited by a fair number of students due to its close access to the university (particularly for medical students) and range of student accommodation.



For a long time this inner city area 3 miles south of the city centre was a place best avoided. However since 2011 gun crime and gang related activity has faded away and now this largely multicultural area features a large number of churches, temples and a Pakistani community centre.

Northern Quarter

The city centre! Where there is shopping, fine dining and buskers galore (usually beatboxers for some reason). The Northern Quarter is generally a slightly more expensive area for students to roam; however it hasn’t stopped weekly excursions to the fuel juice bar in Arndale shopping centre (go juicethursdays!) and trying out a variety of snacks. It also holds the weird and wonderful Afflecks, a must see for any visitor to the city.


Immediately south of the city centre it encompasses Oxford Road as well as the Hulme Arch Bridge, built in 2008. Home to the new MMU campus, it is a residential area popular with students, young professionals and families. Always a place with a thriving arts scene and creative people, the newly developed Z Arts theatre centre on Stretford Road, a refurbishment of the former Hippodrome and an extension of the Community Garden Centre are all giving the area a boost.

So there you have it! 6 areas located around the university and city centre to explore to your hearts content. Enjoy!


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