From easter egg hunts to house hunts

Before Easter, the University held “accommodation tours”- showing the various types of residences we have available. As you may have seen on the Uni website there are 3 different areas where most of the halls are. These are as follows…

1.) City Campus
2.) Victoria Park Campus
3.) Fallowfield Campus

Although the Uni website is good at giving an idea of costs and facilities, I think sometimes all you want to know is what the area is really like. So, to help out all of those searching for the perfect pad I’ve created a handy area guide as well as insights from current students!

This is the campus closest to the University and includes: Denmark Road, Weston Hall, Whitworth Park and Wright Robinson.
City campus is perfect if you like the idea of being in walking distance to both the city and University. Or, like my flat mate, like to be able to wake up 10 minutes before a lecture and still find time to grab a coffee on the way! The city campus is very popular with international students (in my flat at Whitworth Park, we have 7 girls with 5 different nationalities!). The campus is not known for its party scene, so good if you want a quiet place to study. In the same breath, it’s close to the nightclubs and bars so partying is only an arms reach away. Additionally, if you like keeping fit the Aquatic Centre, Sugdon Centre and some well known branded gyms are all very close.

Although Whitworth wasn’t my first choice for accommodation, the location is fantastic. It is also one of the most affordable halls so my student loan lasts- even after a few nights out!”  VICTORIA- WHITWORTH PARK



Slightly further out than City campus, Victoria Park campus is a leafy area just outside of the city and comprises of: Bukhardt House, Canterbury Court, Dalton- Ellis, Hulme, Opal Gardens, St Anselm, St Gabriel’s and Victoria Hall.
I would say that most of the halls within this campus are within walking distance to University but some students do prefer to get the bus (or cycle). This campus is perfect if you would like to be just out of the hustle bustle of the city. Many students in their 2nd and 3rd years choose to live in Victoria Park due to its proximity to University, good safety and peacefulness. Victoria Park attracts a wide range of students both international and home. Alike to City campus both the Aquatic Centre and the Sugdon Centre are only a short distance away.

I decided to choose a catered hall and I’ve been really impressed with the selection of meals on offer- I don’t have to worry about cooking and it makes budgeting easier too” CLARICE- DALTON ELLIS HALL



Known for it’s party scene, bars, and clubs Fallowfield is truly a student dominated area. The campus includes: Ashburne, Oak House, Owens Park, Richmond Park, Sheavyn House and Wollton.
About a half an hour walk from the main University campus, Fallowfield is the furthest of the accommodation campus. However, don’t let that put you off… There are extremely frequent busses running from Fallowfield meaning you can get to University or the City Centre without much trouble. Due to the area being very popular with students (both those in their 1st year and beyond), the area has many conveniences such as a Sainsbury’s superstore, coffee shops and even a Nando’s. Fallowfield is also home to the Armitage Sports Centre which has its own gym, courts, field etc. So perfect if you enjoy playing sports too.

“The social side of Uni is definitely at it’s height in Fallowfield! I’ve also met some really sound people who I’m living with next year”



Most students decide to live in University Halls for their first year, however there are some who prefer to live in Private Halls or a house. There are advantages and disadvantages of halls (Uni owned or private) and houses but if you keep in mind the questions below, you will find the place that’s perfect for you!
* Location, Location, Location– Do I want to be close to Uni? In a leafy area? Or abit further out?
* What kind of University experience do I want– Party party party? Study and party? Or study the majority of the time?
* What do I enjoy doing– playing sports? Visiting cultural areas? Walking in the park?

So there you have it, my ultimate guide! I like to think of Halls/Houses like a pair of shoes, different styles suit different people. So choose one that’s a perfect fit for you!

Happy house hunting!


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