Top Ten Nights Out in Manchester for Students

Whether you love dancing the night away in a sticky, sweaty nightclub or sipping sex- in-the-city style cocktails with your sophisticated course mates, or even bowling into the daylight hours (seriously, this is a thing here), Manchester has almost everything you can think of to offer you in terms of nightlife. The huge student population and excellent transport routes mean that there really is no excuse to not get out there and try something new, and the various student deals on offer means that it shouldn’t dent your bank balance too much, either. Listed below are my top picks to have a fantastic night out with your friends, whether you are a heavy partier or enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy!

“…you are totally spoilt for choice!”



A friendly, cheap bar in the heart of Fallowfield, this is a popular choice among many students for its £3 cocktails and amazing food. Ideal for any time or occasion from a quick weekday drink after a long day of lectures to one of their infamous open mic nights. Font is definitely a place to check out whatever what you’re feeling.


90s Night at Fifth


A favourite with freshers (and sometimes there’ll be a cheeky third year belting out Busted too!) 90s Night at Fifth Nightclub on Princess Street is definitely not one to miss if you want a really good night without hurting your bank balance too much. Entry is 90p before midnight and there are also 90p drinks all night long. Classics such as Robbie Williams, Avril Lavigne and Westlife is belted out all night long in one of the best nightclubs and one of the best nights out in Manchester.



If you’re willing to splash out for a special occasion, the Alchemist is one of those bars that you are your friends will be talking about for a long time. Get your instagram out and show your sad friends back home your smoking cocktail and let them believe you go here every night.


Black Dog Ballroom


Not very well known, Black Dog Ballroom is a New York style speakeasy diner with a pool room, roof terrace BBQ and basement bar and club (Xolo). There is a bowling alley, so you can mix a wild club night with a highly competitive bowling showdown with your flat mates. From only £2 a head, this is definitely one of Manchester’s most underrated yet fantastic nights out.


Quids In at Factory 256


Another classic with the average fresher, Quids In is a popular club night where it is literally ‘Quids In’- £1 entry, £1 drinks and three floors of fantastic music- what more could you want from a night out? You are sure to be introduced to Factory during Welcome Week- and you are sure to go back again and again throughout your first year.


With various branches in and around Manchester, is there be any more to be said? Perfect for pre-drinks before a night out or for a cheap meal, Wetherspoons is basically synonymous with ‘poor student’.


42nd Street Nightclub

By far my favourite club in Manchester I have frequented so far on numerous nights, 42s is Manchester in a nutshell: alternative music, cheap booze and a crowd of people whichever night you go. If you’re into bands like Courteeners, Foals, Artic Monkeys and The Stone Roses, it’s worth giving 42s a shot (no pun intended!)



For a more ‘civilised’ night out, try the Printworks in central Manchester right by Selfridges. There is loads to choose between, from various restaurants and bars to the huge Odeon cinema- you are totally spoilt for choice!


Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter is basically how Manchester got given it’s ‘edgy’ reputation- if you’re the type of person who wears Dr Martens or is often seeing sporting hoops and loves nothing more than vinyl’s, the Northern Quarter will become your second home. There’s so much to see, from vintage shops, cool cafes and trendy bars- perfect for an evening out or a weekend adventure.


Kebab King


Not specifically a ‘night out’ in itself, but any good student night out in Manchester involves the one and only Paz: the Kebab King of Fallowfield and beyond. He’s always up for a chat and he makes the best chips and gravy (or cheese, if you swing that way) around. He even has a huge social media following and if you’re fortunate enough to get a selfie you can bet it will be blown up on the TV screen behind the counter! Paz is surely the biggest celebrity in the student circles of Manchester, and you would be crazy not to pay him a visit while you’re a student here.


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