Break free from Oxford Road

In fresher’s week, a 3rd year told me “Uni life in Manchester revolves around Oxford Road”. I have to admit, at the time I thought she was a bit loopy. How can your whole life revolve around one road?! But after spending 6 months in the city, I understand.

Living at Whitworth Park Halls, having all lectures at South Campus, and working at the Aquatic Centre, my life literally does revolve around Oxford Road! The 1.6 mile stretch is filled with students, bars and restaurants but sometimes you do need to escape from the rat race and break free from Oxford Road.

“…probably the best place for breakfast in Manchester.”

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing some exploring in and around Manchester as well as venturing a bit further afield! Here is a list of the top places I’ve found to escape to…


This market truly is as delicious as it sounds. On the last Sunday of every month, local producers and general “makers” head down to Didsbury to sell their wares. A fabulous range of thing are on offer, from dairy free chocolate brownies to handmade chairs!

Me and my flat mate headed down there last Sunday and were amazed by the hussle bustle. Live music was gently playing in the backround, the sun was shining and we even stopped for a beer! Pretty good escape from Oxford Road I would say!



Okay, my second suggestion is a bit further away than Didsbury BUT a train from Piccadilly to Leeds only takes 50 mins! And cost me an impressive £12 return with a railcard! Granted, Leeds is another big city alike to Manchester but each city truly does have it’s own character. As all girly girls would, we spent most of the day at Leeds largest shopping Centre (Trinity Leeds), but also found time to go to Patisserie Valorie and the Leeds Market for lunch!


As a lover of anything do to with food, a good restaurant would be a naturally be on my list of places to escape to. Moose coffee, in my opinion, is most probably the best place for breakfast in Manchester. If you like pancakes, waffles or eggs, this is the place! Being tucked neatly behind Piccadilly Gardens, sitting in Moose Coffee is a perfect escape from Oxford Road and an excuse to indulge in some breakfast delights!

browniecornish girl

Chloe x





















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