How to survive a 9am

If I have to pick one thing my non-humanities friends despised me for last semester (apart from no exams *evil cackle*), it would have to be the fact that I had zero 9ams. I had one 10am, but that warranted absolutely no sympathy whatsoever. In fact, some of my friends were so appalled by this atrocity that I am convinced one of them went and complained to the University. And if they did, it worked, as I found out on one dark stormy evening last semester, when I checked out my new timetable for the very first time. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it. I still get a cold shiver when I think about it.

Alix Long, English student, had a 9am. And it was on a Friday. A Friday?! I hear you scream in horror. Yes. A Friday. And, sympathetic readers, not only is my 9am on a Friday, but it is three hours long. I can’t even cope with the brutality of it.

And how are you coping? I hear you ask in tearful concern. I’m doing fine, guys, I really am. Three weeks in, and I’m actually doing okay. In fact, I’m doing so okay that I consider myself a pro at 9ams, and have thus decided to put my wisdom into a blog post, so that you can all learn my trade secrets that have made my attendance at my 9ams so far an impressive 3/3 (so far, of course). You can all thank me later.


  1. Actually get some sleep.


This sounds easy enough, but when you get to uni, it’s harder than it seems. You can easily be sitting in bed watching casualty with your friends eating nutella on toast, and before you know it, it’s 3am. If you get a good 8 hours sleep, getting up for your 9am will be made just that little bit easier.


  1. Do the reading before the lecture.

The one thing that is worse than a 9am is a 9am where you have absolutely no clue what is going on. It is as if the lecturer is speaking gibberish, and you find yourself wondering why exactly you bothered to get out of bed in the first place. If you do the reading before the lecture, you’ll have a much better idea of how the lecture is benefiting you, and you’ll get much more out of it.


  1. Coffee, coffee, coffee.


The difference between a 9am with coffee and a 9am without coffee is staggering. So please, whatever you do, get some coffee down you. If you’re not a fan, substitute coffee for any kind of caffeinated drink. Or if you’re lucky enough to be one of those people who don’t need a simulated wake-up, everyone in the lecture theatre will be throwing you daggers.


  1. Choose an annoying alarm sound.


Even if your flat mate is pounding on your door, this is the only foolproof way to ensure you get up and out of the door. Though don’t be tempted to chuck your phone across your room. It never ends well.


  1. Blackboard is your saviour.

If you have followed my *flawless* advice and 9ams still don’t cut it for you, remember that Blackboard is always there and always has your back no matter what. It is like the mum that you unfortunately left at home and often want, just to make uni life that little bit easier. Missed the lecture? No problem. There are podcasts and PowerPoints galore in this magical place that many students come to in their hour of need.


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