Top Uni Spots for an …

engineer eater

Student quote of the day – ‘I literally can’t open a drawer and not find food. This is ridiculous’

It’s February and exam season is over! Time to throw away the old textbooks and start to relax, right? WRONG! Since it’s my first year, particularly due to the fact I’m living away from home and learning how to survive on my own, it’s taken a few months for things to settle and gather an understanding of how to get through day to day life here in Manchester. And through intensive eating, searching for places to eat and trying, u guessed it, different types of food I have compiled a list of must-see, must-use spots on and off campus.

  • Popolinos Pizza: I’ve probably been in this takeaway more than I’ve been in my home. It’s glorious, heart stopping pizzas will have you gasping for more whilst the wondorous call signalling a completed crispy chicken wrap will remind you of a simpler time, a better time. They even let us cart in 6 pineapples (whilst celebrating a friends birthday) without batting an eye, even gifting the birthday boy extra pineapple to celebrate the occasion. A must see for sure, located just around the corner from Sudden Sports Centre on Oxford Road.


  • AMC cinema: The cheapest spot for Hollywood blockbusters, conveniently located above a bowling alley with an ice rink put up every winter just outside. I’d recommend you buy your popcorn elsewhere however, it’s low prices only apply to the tickets themselves I’m afraid with the popcorn and drinks being as expensive as any other cinema.


  • Afflecks: Now, I am not a person who enjoys shopping, far from it in fact. However when it comes to Afflecks, things are different. A maze of shops spanning at least four stories, eclectic chaos is the order of the day. Whether it’s reggae reggae music or Japanese anime that interests you you will find what you seek if you spend enough time searching through the endless corridors of shops and see a lot of eye-catching displays on the way. Certainly worth a visit or ten but don’t forget to bring some money as you may find yourself wandering home with more than expected.


  • Sugden Sports Centre: Football, squash, tennis, badminton, gym and a range of exercise classes and martial arts are all available to the common student for a small fee. Memberships to the gym for the year are also only 150 pounds: sounds like a lot but at only around 12 pounds a week it’s well worth it for the active souls amongst us. Unfortunately thanks to number one on this list it hasn’t been much help to me…


  • Students Union: The watering hole of the students of the University of Manchester. Featuring cafes, a bar, a variety of lecture halls used for all sorts of activities and a group of helpful students fighting to improve university life for all its most definitely a must use. February also marks the start of new elections within the union, allowing a new committee to be formed and new manifestos to be put into place (just saying, if I run for a position you better vote for me).


Now although those are my top five favourite spots there are places all over the city to explore and I’d recommend that you experiment as much as possible to find the spots for you. Enjoy!


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