The most important day in January…

… The rules of being savvy with your student loan

There is one day in January that all students look forward to- that much anticipated, beautiful day. And no I’m not talking about the end of exams, this is much much better. On the 18th of January 2016, Student Finance delivered all students with the best welcome back to Uni present… Their student loan.

Suddenly having enough money to book a five-star holiday to the Maldives can be a bit overwhelming BUT I have concocted these simple rules to ensure my student loan is spent on food and living instead of something unforgiving!

1.) Make a spreadsheet on your laptop

Divide up your allowance, and be savvy. I like to give myself a budget to spend each week on going out, food shopping and “essential living”. At my halls of residence, a wash and dry at the laundry room costs a whopping £5.10 so remember to factor in the little things too! It all adds up!

2.) Make enough food for a small armymeal

When exam season hits, you’re hung over, or coming back from a late shift at work the last thing you want to do is prepare a meal. BUT trust me when I say, preparation is the key. I often cook a big batch of chili, soup or curry take out a portion for my dinner and then freeze the rest for another time. I’ve found that cooking in this way means you’re eating healthily whilst also saving yourself time in the long run!

3.) Look around for those all important student deals

Yes, you have to work hard at Uni but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find time to unwind and explore the city! Eating out can be affordable… Revs offer 1/2 price on food on weekdays, Dog Bowl offer 25% off food and half price bowling everyday and Pizza Express a tasty 40% off for students on a Monday and Tuesday! As well as that, Manchester has loads of free activities you can do, from visiting the Science Museum to strolling along the canals and railway viaducts at Castlefield.

4.) Find yourself a job

Last but most certainly not least, I would recommend trying to find yourself a job. As well as providing you with some extra spending money, having a job usually comes with some perks. Working at the Aquatic Centre I get free membership including use of the pool, health suite, gym and classes which saves me over £300 a year!


That’s it from me on the student loan but keep a look out on my page for the next post!

Chloe x


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