What I’ve learned from my first semester at Manchester- the lowdown from ten Freshers across campus

As the Christmas holidays and New Year spirit slowly die away and the students flock back to Manchester in the hundreds and start infecting Fallowfield with their off-key singing and Kebab King remnants once more, the thoughts of the second semester of university begin to plague the hearts and minds of the once young and (questionably) wise students of this great university. However, thoughts cannot possibly move forward to the second semester without thinking back to the weeks that have passed, and what we have learned about our first semester as a fresher at the estimable University of Manchester. I have taken the liberty of surveying the university campus far and wide, from Owens Park to Ashburne Hall and Richmond Park to talk to real students (seriously, I’m not witty enough to make up these quotes on my own) to find out what they really learned throughout the first 12 weeks of being a Fresher at Manchester.

So let’s meet the Freshers and hear their (definitely) invaluable words of wisdom…

‘Try not to let freshers week become freshers month’

Jack, English Literature and Creative Writing- Oak House


“Do Engineering,” they said.

“It’s interesting,” they said.

“It pays well,” they said.

Well, they forgot to mention the part when you have to choose between having a ‘life’ and ‘sleep’. But it’s worth it.

They weren’t kidding when they said there wouldn’t be many girls on my course. Like 20 out of 250 to be specific. But it’s kinda cool I guess, especially when the whole class’ heads turn when they hear a female voice during lectures. Makes you feel like a celebrity. Maybe I am a celebrity.

Roberta, Electric and Electronic Engineering- Ashburne Hall


Don’t be that person who claps at the end of the lecture. Unless you do English. Because then everything’s acceptable.

Alex, English Language- Denmark Road


giphy-22It’s OK to get lost.  Just keep your head up, by the end of the first semester, you’ll feel great again! I know so many people that struggled to adjust to uni life at first, but by this point, they all love it, and I know it’s a cliché, but the friends you make here are your friends for life!

Connor, Electric and Electronic Engineering- Sheavyn House


Don’t waste time being stressed. Waste time being a Fresher.

Alana, Biomedical Sciences- Ashburne Hall


Cheese is very important if you end up living in self-catered accommodation.

Eloise, Chinese- Richmond Park


Socialising until 4am when you have a 9am lecture is probably not the best idea. I’ve learned this from experience.

Berfin, Law- Ashburne Hall


Don’t let others stress you out. Unless you’re the next Einstein or Stephen Hawking, there will always be someone who’s smarter than you, who did better at A-levels or spends more time in the library than you (and by the way, if someone says they’ve spent 8 hours in the library, it probably doesn’t mean they’ve actually worked for 8 hours). Just remember, you’re not at university to impress the others.

Helle, Physics and Philosophy- Ashburne Hall


giphy2Sometimes I feel like I have a double life. You know, like Hannah Montana. I have my life at uni, and then my life at home. At uni, you can go get food at any time of night and no one questions your sanity. Or your dodgy eating schedule.

Ariana, French and Spanish- Ashburne Hall


Whatever anyone tells you, it’s really not fun to mix all your favourite bevvies into one glass. It’s not big, it’s not clever, and it’s certainly not good for your liver.

Liam, Drama- Whitworth Park


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