Love the theatre? Come to Manchester…

Being an English Literature student, there’s nothing I love more than making a visit to the theatre. As your tutors will often tell you once you get here, there’s nothing quite like watching a Shakespeare performance live. And that is true; I have been told countless times by my tutors that literature should be experienced, and not simply read. Cheesy, but true. ‘But that’s so expensive!’ I hear you whine, ‘I’ll never be able to afford theatre tickets on top of everything else I’ll have to budget!’ But fear not, potential UoM students! You may have heard people tell you that Manchester is a student city, and where theatre is concerned, this couldn’t be truer. The vast amount of students means that getting tickets to arts events is easier than it is in other cities where the student population is not that prominent. Luckily, Manchester realises that where there are students, there are people eager to get to the theatre…

“Manchester is a student city, and where theatre is concerned, this couldn’t be truer.”


A few weeks ago (after a heads up from my tutor) my friend Keily and I visited the Royal Exchange Theatre in central Manchester to see Pomona, a ‘sinister and surreal thriller’ set in Manchester itself, about a girl called Ollie searching for her sister. While on this journey, she discovers Pomona, an abandoned concrete island at the heart of the city, where nightmares and secrets and horrors lurk. Our tutor told us that although a huge majority of the audience would have had to pay £30 minimum for a ticket, as students myself and Keily could grab tickets costing a mere £6! Being creative writing as well as English Literature students, we were keen to experience playwriting that was different and new. Therefore, the opportunity to experience an exciting, apocalyptic play like Pomona was invaluable to us.

“…there are endless opportunities to experience shows and plays…”

When I lived in London it was easy enough for me to visit The National Theatre to see the latest and greatest plays the city had to offer, but now I live in Manchester it makes it a little harder for me to commute. However, National Theatre Live is a great way to experience the magic of one of London’s greatest theatres anywhere around the country. When tickets sold out for the highly anticipated Jane Eyre, I couldn’t believe my bad luck. However, in a fantastic turn of events, my lovely mother found a couple of tickets online for the Odeon Manchester Printworks! Instead of paying around the £25-30 mark for a seat in the National Theatre, I managed to get a ticket for half that price- £15, with a student card. For a play I have desperately wanted to see for many months, this price was an absolute steal.


I hope this has given you a bit of an insight into what Manchester can offer you in terms of the theatre! If you apply here, it is worth remembering that as an arts student (or someone who just loves the arts!) there are endless opportunities to experience shows and plays that will introduce you to ideas, directors and writers you won’t have come across before.


And take my word for it: you will be very glad that you took the chance!



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