5 tips for living in halls!

Quote of the day: “Double the pineapple, double the greatness”

Week 10 has turned up and the last few weeks have passed in a whirlwind of assignments, takeout’s and visits home to Northern Ireland. Enough time has passed that I have become accustomed to life in university halls and may be able to impart some words of wisdom. Living life in university (or private) halls can be tricky, but there are a few tips and tricks, which can make life easier.

“…there are a vast array of halls with different lifestyles and mixes of people inside.”

1) Clothes; have a lot of them.

Now, yes, this may seem obvious however it only became clear to me once many had misplaced multiple items of clothing. I speak of the accursed launderettes, stealing money, leaving clothes damp even after a dryer session and sometimes slightly stained blue (I will take the blame for that one). So to fight these money-guzzling (and cloth collecting) monsters, stockpile a vast collection of clothes and clean everything every 2 – 3 weeks if possible.


2) Temper tantrums; control them.

Yes, your flat mates may leave innumerable food related messes, consume your milk and be unaware how to use the bin (you know who you are) but patience and an ability to stop the red mist descending is important. A year is a long time to be living with someone, so cooperation and the ability to get along with fellow flatmates is important. So even if it requires extending an olive branch (or more likely, some form of fried chicken), make sure relations in the house remain bearable.


3) Clean up after yourself. Yes, really.

Remember when your mum used to tell/force you to clean your bedroom or the kitchen at home? Yes, well unfortunately its likely that since there isn’t an angry woman physically compelling you to clean your room, it and the shared kitchen may be a bit of a bombsite at present. Spending 30 minutes every week or even every fortnight can make a world of difference, keep important notes or documents in some semblance of order and allow some clearer food planning to take place. Why, only yesterday I discovered I had frozen some chicken weeks ago by deciding to clean the freezer and fridge out. Invaluable, as chicken is a form of meaty gold in these parts.


4) Buy appropriately sized bin bags…

… not ones that are clearly too small to fit the bin and that rip when items are placed inside them (this may be slightly aimed towards my own flat, but invaluable advice nevertheless).


5) Don’t use the vacuum cleaner to hoover up ice…

it doesn’t end well and leads to many questions being asked later on. You would probably know not to do that already…


Every individuals experience in university halls is different and of course there are a vast array of halls with different lifestyles and mixes of people inside. You may have to live alongside clean freaks or people who have long forgotten the uses of a toothbrush. Follow the above tips and I can guarantee at least one thing: your hoover will remain in working condition.


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