5 tips for when the family come to town!

Saturday morning, 6:30am and there I was stood at the bus stop, bright and early waiting for the number 42 to the airport!! With a grin plastered across my face, I jumped on the bus. For me, one of the most difficult aspects of moving away was leaving my family but at long last I was able to share the magic of Manchester with my Mum! Armed with a welcome sign, welcome garland, and almond croissants I waited in Terminal 3 for my Mums arrival! She didn’t know that I would be waiting for her at the airport so as you can image the tears started flowing as soon as she noticed me- in fact, the tears were so persistent I’m surprised that the MET Office didn’t issue a severe weather warning!

Planning for such occasions can be difficult, so, to save you the trouble here is an insiders guide of things to do in Manchester when the family come to town!

“…both beautiful and peaceful, a winner with the family and also a great place to study!”


Halls are fantastic, the best way to make friends and learn how to fend for yourself BUT if the family are coming to stay and planning to stay in a hotel , I would recommend indulging yourself in at least one night of pamper. After all, who doesn’t love their Mum waking them up in the morning with a cup of tea in bed!




In Freshers week we had numerous talks about the library. I have to be honest, I very dubious at first. However, the librarian’s attempts at “biggin up” the library were in fact not needed. The JR library is both beautiful and peaceful, a winner with the family and also a great place to study! Oh and to top it all off, entry is free and once a month they have the Castlefield food and craft market outside. So if you time it right, a stroll around the library can be followed by a well earned piece of  homemade cake!




As well as being home to Bird Cage one of Manchester’s top nightclubs, the Prinkworks also hosts a variety of restaurants and also a brilliant cinema! The architecture inside is beautiful and lends itself to a warming atmosphere which becomes increasingly bustling as the evening approaches.






Developed in the 2000’s as a retail, business and residential centre this area of the city is jewelled with mix of high end retail shops, restaurants and bars. If living the wild life isn’t for you then a walk along the riverside at Spinningfield’s is also a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Although be careful if you cross the bridge- it gets a little bit wobbly on a windy day!


5.) THE TRAFFORD CENTREtrafford centre

As Christmas approaches the Trafford Centre is transformed into a winter wonderland. Both the outside and inside are illuminated with Christmas lights and if you take a trip to Selfridges, Christmas tunes can be heard from early November!! If all the Christmas shopping doesn’t interest you, opposite the Trafford Centre is Chill Factore an indoor ski centre with REAL SNOW. I have yet to visit the Ski Centre but plan to in the next couple of weeks to try my hand at Snowboarding! So check back soon for more updates!




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