Cooking for Beginners

Student quote of the day – ‘You don’t understand until you understand’.

5 weeks gone in Manchester and I’ve established a few things:

  • Takeaway is one of man’s greatest inventions.
  • Cooking fires are very exciting but not recommended.
  • Don’t eat raw chicken (obvious, but I feel it should still be mentioned, you know what students are like).


Despite some mishaps with the cooker it’s been a success story in general and my flat mates and I have even gotten a cooking system in place – myself and one other prepare the meals whilst the rest clean. Various Shepard pies, a taco casserole and meatball marinara have graced our kitchen over the weeks (and unfortunately have disappeared in next to no time at all).

Sheppard Pie

And my culinary exploration of Manchester has had me fine dining on pizza, chicken wraps of all types and even some fish and chips. It’s been heart-warming (all blame goes to the cholesterol for that) however the thrill is wearing off and some care packages being sent in from family have been met with tears of appreciation (admittedly I did stub my toe at the time but nevertheless the food was delicious). I even managed to snag a free meal at Zouk and some chocolate laced pancakes on the Curry Mile, paid for by some much loved uncles.

Unfortunately some bad habits are creeping in most particularly in the kitchen area, where the once endangered dirty dish is now as regular a visitor as I am. A second midnight cleaning session undid most of the damage however an uneaten watermelon whose presence I had become accustomed to had to leave. RIP Steve the watermelon.

Steve the watermelon, RIP

Steve the watermelon, RIP

Aside from the loss of Steve all is well in the world and even the 40 minute trek to university has been accepted and dare I say it, enjoyed from time to time. Plug in the phone, blast some ‘Learn to speak Spanish’ podcasts and faze out the world as you dander down the road whilst trying to dodge cars (the red and green traffic men are ignored in this strange land). Life is good! Hasta luego!


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