The big hello – halls, hangovers and a hell of a good city tour!

Hiya guys,

Seeing as this is my first blog I think a good way to start would be to introduce myself! I’m Chloe and I’m currently 4 weeks into my first year of studying Chinese and Linguistics at the University of Manchester.

Coming from a little village in Cornwall where the most exciting thing that happens is the bus turning up on time the move to Manchester was super exciting for me! So after numerous goodbyes to my extensive family, my decision was made and on the 18th of September 2015 I began my journey “Up North”.

Surprisingly, my journey up here was relatively stress free… I say relatively as even armed with a Sat Nav and a “route planner” print off as back up we managed to pass through 2 red lights and spend 30 minutes looking for the entrance to Whitworth Park accommodation!! It turns out that up here a postcode covers a pretty large number of houses!

I didn’t apply to live at Whitworth park so at first the prospect of no En Suite was a bit daunting! BUT now I’m here, I couldn’t be happier in my new little home… I live with 6 other girls coming from 4 different nationalities and everyday always brings a new laugh… The first being me finding out that offers of Marmite on toast and tea with milk is not a good way to make friends with international students!

Whitworth halls

chloe and friends

Freshers week was a little bit manic. I think getting the right mix of partying, exploring the city and also having some chill time is very important! After all you have a whole 3 (or 4) years to do everything. One of the things I can defiantly recommend are the city bus tours… We got to see all of the sites of Manchester including the central library, Manchester United stadium, and also the City stadium… But coming from a family that supports United I better not talk about City too much!! One of the highlights of the tour would have to be the Media City… We even got to visit the Cadburys factory store and my Jordanian flat mate discovered chocolate oranges… What more could you want from freshers week!

Thats it from me for now but keep checking this page for updates on starting my course, exploring the city and generally making the best of time in Manchester.


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