5 Key Areas of Interest for Postgraduate Researchers

Your Research experience

We’re here to support you throughout your research journey. You’ll undertake your specialist research under the supervision of one of our senior academics who will provide guidance and advice, we also provide services and support tailored to your academic needs.

The experience you have on campus while you’re undertaking your research programme is important to us. Discover the just some of the facilities and services available to you at Manchester.

Part of your research experience will also involve the Manchester Doctoral College (MDC). The MDC team works to focus attention on postgraduate research requirements and develop cross-disciplinary, cross-School and cross-Faculty collaboration to enrich the student experience.

MDC is responsible for supporting all postgraduate research students by providing a stimulating research environment and through developing researcher development programmes, funding opportunities and postgraduate-specific facilities.

Studying at Manchester

While The University of Manchester will be the home of your study, the city and the university also will be where you socialise, play sport and have fun.

Manchester is a friendly city with the second biggest student population in the U.K. If you’re moving on your own or bringing your family with you, need a flat, a room or a large house, there’s an area in or around Manchester that’s the right place for you.

We believe feeling good, getting involved and being active improve wellbeing. Here at Manchester we’ve identified six actions to build into your day-to-day life in order to feel good and function well.

See what Manchester has on offer for sport and your wellbeing.


Funding your research degree programme is an important factor in your decision making and relocating to a new city can sometimes feel quite daunting. Explore the funding opportunities available to you and take a look at the area guide for more information on the city of Manchester.

Our doctoral experience is both challenging and extremely rewarding and we are committed to supporting you through every stage of your research. We continually work to enhance facilities, secure accessible funding and develop the postgraduate research experience across the institution.

Financing your postgraduate degree will be an important aspect in your decision making. Each year Manchester invests heavily in doctoral funding and is also successful in attracting sponsorship opportunities for research students.

Explore the funding opportunities available to you at The University of Manchester.

Reaching your potential at Manchester

Developing your career, learning new skills and reaching your full potential as a researcher is important to us here at Manchester.

We will provide you with an environment where you can excel by offering a full range of personal, professional and career development opportunities.

Discover the range of excellent training and development opportunities offered by our dedicated researcher development teams and other support services.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is at the heart of everything we do; in fact it’s one of our three key strategic goals. We will contribute to the social and economic success of communities, both locally and globally, by using our research to find solutions to the major challenges of the 21st century.

Our researchers strive to ensure their work has a positive impact on society resulting in graduates who exercise social leadership and responsibility.

Get engaged and make a difference here at Manchester.


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