Summer and the university essentials

I apologize for taking AGES to post a blog. It has been an insanely crazy summer. I will give you a quick update and then thought I would be really nice and provide a “Packing List” since most of you will soon be here!

So far this summer I’ve been working on my dissertation—which has been going less than well. As odd as it sounds I REALLY wish I picked a subject I didn’t know so much about. I’m bored of reading about it and I just feel so repetitive. Plus getting a hold of supervisors over the summer in my department seems impossible between my schedule and their holidays and research projects. It’s due in about a month and I still have nearly all my writing left to do, oops! I have a goal to write a minimum of 800 words a day every weekday for the rest of the month so I will be finished as smoothly as possible. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it.

Other than that I’ve been looking for a flat since I am staying in Manchester! One has finally been found and I move into it next week—hooray! I’ve gone camping in the Peak District, went to a wedding in Blackpool, applied and searched for jobs, and most importantly, watched an excessive amount of Netflix.

This weekend I have plans to go buy what I need for my new flat and start packing. I also am going to an open training day at the Etihad to see Manchester City’s first team! The following weekend I’m spending a couple days in London since my friend  is coming to visit from California. I don’t have very many things planned in London except eating, a lot, and going to the Star Wars Secret Cinema event. I recommend checking out Secret Cinema if you like film and events! It seems like it will be a really great event.

Anyway, enough about my personal life.

Although everyone has varying taste, these are some things I really recommend packing when coming to Manchester. This is mostly aimed at international, post-grad students, but will probably be reasonable for everyone. I recommend refraining from bringing any kitchen supplies or bedding—it’s cheap enough to buy in the UK. I also recommend not over-packing bags or packing too many bags. Not only are the airline fees for extra baggage pretty excessive, but you will have to carry all your own stuff and you will be exhausted. For things not on the list I recommend going to Asda, Ikea, Primark, and Wilkos. Between those stores you can get the best deals and all sorts of things, including clothing.

So here’s what I recommend bringing:

  • One Towel—if you have a long flight the first thing you’ll want to do is shower!
  • Bring travel size hygiene products—you’ll want to freshen up before having to run out and buy stuff.
  • Don’t bring rainboots (or wellies if you call them that)—EVERYONE told me to bring a pair, but I never wore them. They were heavy and took up a lot of space in my suitcase.
  • But do bring 2-3 pairs of shoes—maybe a pair of comfortable walking shoes and depending on your style some boots or flats.
  • Pictures, letters, cards, etc—you’ll miss your family and friends back home. Although you can always see them on Facebook, having notes or written letters from them before you departed will comfort you those first few nights.
  • Bring a raincoat and/or a good umbrella—Manchester = wet.
  • Don’t bring a lot of dressy clothes! One or two outfits if you plan on conferences, but you can get cheap dressy clothes at Primark once you actually need them.
  • An overnight bag/small suitcase—if you plan on taking trips on weekends you’ll want something big enough to take a couple days worth of clothes. This will probably be your carry-on.

I hope this is somewhat helpful! I had such a hard time packing, but these were the really important things. I really don’t suggest packing bedding, pillows, etc but if your flight lands after 3PM you may want to since the shops will be closed by the time you arrive to your flat and get settled. Feel free to comment with questions about packing, arriving, or settling in! Good luck & I hope you’re excited!



    1. Hi Shamine!

      I didn’t come to Manchester as an undergrad, so I’m not exactly sure what undergrad student accommodation is like (if that is what you’re living in). The list I have here would probably be relatively similar for what you would need though. Just make sure to bring a jacket/coat and/or umbrella for your first couple days! Congrats on your decision! 🙂

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