From Manchester to Amsterdam, Munich and Venice

I’m back! Hi everyone!

I’ve needed a couple days to recover – who would have thought two full weeks of non-stop travelling would be so exhausting?!

So I went on this trip with my Great Uncle who came over to visit from the States. The first day he, Lewis, and I took a trip to the Peak District – of course! We climbed up to Pevrill Castle in Castleton. Then we took my uncle to have dinner on the Curry Mile. I can’t remember which restaurant we went to, but it is probably the best one!

The next morning we headed to the airport for our first stop: Amsterdam. I’ll start off with saying, Amsterdam is absolutely beautiful and amazing. It was my favourite place on the whole trip. We did loads of things, but some of the best things to me were: the Van Gogh Museum, Canal Bikes, Magnum Ice Cream Bar, and just wandering around!

Yasmine - canal view

View of a canal from the canal boat.

Yasmine - food cupboard

These things are everywhere. You put your change in and open the door to get your food. I just thought it was super cool.

Yasmine - small house

Me in front of a teeny tiny house, which was adorable.

After a few days in Amsterdam we were off to Munich…with a slight delay. We were suppose to take an overnight sleeper to Munich from Amsterdam, but of course it was cancelled! So we spent a couple hours sitting in the station waiting to hear about the alternative plan. Then we were all bussed to a city called Arnhem, which was about an hour and a half away from Amsterdam. We were put into this really creepy hotel in the middle of a forest. By the time we got checked in it was about midnight and we had to be on another bus by 6:45 that morning! We went straight to bed since we were exhausted and frustrated beyond belief. We hopped on a train to Munich at 8am and sat there…for six hours. We ended up really having no time in Munich that day since by the time we arrived it was evening and we were just tired. I’ll be honest; I didn’t love Munich or even really like it. We went to a museum (can’t recall the name) that had a National Socialism exhibit on. This was probably one of my favourite things in Munich. It was really interesting to hear about how the party began in Germany and really how it all worked up to the war. We also went on a day trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle (10/10 recommend) and a half-day trip to Dachau Concentration Camp. We also went to Hofbrauhaus for dinner, they had really good vegetarian options and the beer was really good – I usually don’t like beer!

Yasmine - munich castle

The Castle in the distance. It was a bit foggy & rainy, obviously.

Yasmine - Munichs town hall

Munich’s town hall

We then left Munich after those two days and headed to our last stop: Venice! We did another overnight train, except this time we had just the regular seats. This was probably the worst night sleep I have ever had. You’re in a small compartment with 5 other people and you have to sit upright the whole time. Plus, the women next to me spent all night eating and tearing pages out of magazines. The first day in Venice is kind of a blur. We went into St. Marks Basilica (buy tickets in advance for everything in Venice – the queues were insane for those who didn’t!). We spent most of our time in Venice wandering around, eating pizza and gelato and enjoying the sunshine. I would recommend seeing St. Marks, obviously, Doge’s Palace, and go to the different islands, especially Murano!

Yasmine - Indiana Jones

For all the Indiana Jones fans!

Yasmine - grand canal venic

The Grand Canal during this huge rowing race!

Yasmine - Doge's Palace

One of the main rooms in Doge’s Palace. It was pretty impressive.

After our couple of days in Venice, we were done with Continental Europe and headed back to Manchester! Our first full day back we spent it walking around Manchester – buying souvenirs for people and trying to recover from the 8 miles we walked a day for the last 11 days! We enjoyed our day, ate traditional pub food, and had an early night. The following day we went to York. I finally had afternoon tea at Bettys! It wasn’t the best afternoon tea I’ve ever had…it was actually really small compared to most, but it was good nevertheless.

Ultimately, it was an amazing time! Even with the tough spots of cancelled trains and the downpour we got lost in – it was brilliant and I would definitely recommend a similar trip to everyone who has the opportunity!

Now that I’m back I’ve spent this week trying to relax a bit and get back into an academic mindset. I’ve gotten all my results back from this past semester and I did really well, distinctions or close to for every course! Starting Monday I am going to get super serious about my dissertation and continue to apply for jobs. This job hunt is a lot more complex than it would be if I just went back to the States, but I think it will be a really great and rewarding experience.

I’ll update you all again soon.

Goodbye • Vaarwel • Auf Wiedersehen • Arrivederci


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