Top 5 budget tips every master’s student must know

As we know, school isn’t cheap and working while going to school isn’t easy. Luckily, Manchester has plenty of opportunities to save money. By using these top 5 tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a night out and pay rent!

1) Don’t buy textbooks if you don’t have to!

Budget GIF 1

Although it sometimes can be easier to just buy a book off Amazon and never have to worry about late fees from the library, it isn’t necessary! The library offers nearly all-necessary course material and if they don’t have it, they will buy it especially for you!

2) Watch your wallet on a night out

Budget GIF 2

It is really easy to buy food and/or drinks without realizing how much you’re spending. During Welcome Week loads of bars and restaurants hand out vouchers for discounted food and drinks! Make sure to collect as many as you can, most of them don’t expire and can really save you some cash on a night out!

3) Buy a bus pass

Budget pic 3

You can buy a Stagecoach Unirider from the Students’ Union or go on their website. It’s £100 for a pass on any Stagecoach bus in the Greater Manchester area between Mid-August and Early July. Buy it upon arrival, as it really will come in handy and save you a lot of money!

4) Ask for student discounts

Budget GIF 4

Many places offer student discounts between 10% and 20%. Restaurants usually offer lunch specials, retailers give discounts or free shipping, Street Cars give you special rates, even Apple offers up to £200 off a laptop. Feel free to ask everywhere if they have a student discount as it isn’t always posted!

5) Travel off-peak

Budget GIF 5

One main reason I chose to study at Manchester was my ability to travel freely and cheaply. There are many ways, but here are a few tips. If you’re travelling via train, buy a student railcard. This can save you a large amount, especially on multiple long distant trips. Book in advance! You can get a return ticket to London for as little as £30 if you buy early. If you’re flying use discount airlines like RyanAir or EasyJet, but fly early mornings or during the week as this will save you sometimes more than half!


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