The AU Executive Committee

The Athletic Union (AU) is the umbrella term for the University of Manchester sports teams, competing against other Universities in BUCS (British University and College Sports). The AU consists of 87 teams across 36 sports, separated into 42 different sports clubs and the focus is about representing the University of Manchester in competitive sport.

The Executive Committee head up the Athletic Union and consist of the following posts:

  • Sport Sabbatical Office (SSO)
  • Events Officer
  • BUCS Wednesday Officer
  • Events Based Sports Representative (BUCS)
  • Communications Officer

The roles are elected at the Summer AGM and these blogs aim to give you an insight into what each of the roles entail.

Rory - sports guest blogRory McCloskey

Athletic Union Chair

‘View from the Chair’

What does the position involve?

I’m responsible for providing advice to Athletic Union clubs, monitoring and evaluating competitive club performance and the ongoing development of the Athletic Union and sports provision for students. This includes contributing to the improvement of sports clubs’ performance, assisting the sports development team to improve participation and recreational programmes and raising awareness across campus of the huge range of sporting opportunities the University has to offer.

What attracted you apply for the position?

I was previously President of The University of Manchester Water Polo Club and I’d linked closely with SPORT Manchester in delivering the Water Polo Insight Day which was aimed at attracting a high level of Water Polo talent to the University. It was through this that I got an exclusive opportunity to see how SPORT Manchester functions and it give me an appetite to want to get involved further. I also thoroughly enjoyed my reign as President and saw the position of Athletic Union Chair as an opportunity to further my skills and experience of leadership within sport. I also cherished the unique opportunity to contribute to the development of sport and active lifestyles in the context of the 2020 agenda and beyond for the institution.

What have you enjoyed most about leading the Exec team?

The Exec team are an ambitious and driven group of individuals who have worked great to together to achieve the common goal of providing a worthy Athletic Union service to our members. From my perspective, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the immense effort this group of voluntary students put in whilst also balancing their studies and leadership roles within their own Athletic Union clubs.

What skills do you feel you have developed in this role?

I have matured as an individual and my experience of working with others – both colleagues and students – has contributed a lot to my interpersonal skills. Having built up a broad range of experience, I am now much more productive in my role – and much better equipped to handle unusual or difficult situations.

What advice would you have for anyone wanting to apply for your position?

Do you have what it takes to be a leader for student sport? Then by all means apply to be the next Athletic Union Chair! It’s a great chance to move from the sphere of student life to representing the views/concerns of students and representing a student body nationwide.

Favourite Purple and Proud moment?

Where do I begin? As it’s fresh in the memory I’d have to say regaining the Christie Shield was definitely a personal favourite especially given the remarkable effort Liverpool gave in terms of performance and hosting. The #BUCSwednesday campaign was also something that will remain engrained in the memory. It was heartening to see the effort our students put in and the exposure BUCS gave us via their communication channels.

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