Travelling around the UK

Hello Friends!

I know it’s been a while, but that is only because I have been having a wonderful time! One of my best friends came to visit from California and we went pretty much everywhere! Well, let me correct that—we went to London, Manchester (obviously), Edinburgh, North Wales, and the Peak District! This all happened in about 8 days as well… needless to say, we were exhausted! 

Currently, I’m dying again as essays are due within the next couple weeks. The worst part about the second semester is that alongside our normal 4 essays, we also have dissertation stuff to work on! I’m currently starting my introduction, literature review, and some theoretical framing for my dissertation. I’ve also had lectures up until this week, which is pretty annoying to be honest. Trying to read for essays, dissertation AND class is a bit overwhelming and it just gives me headaches halfway through the day.

I also planned a post dissertation trip! I know I will be basically dead after I complete it, so Lewis and I decided to take a holiday…to Sharm El Sheikh! Sharm is probably one of the nicest beaches I’ve been to in the world (and I’m from California, remember). I used to go to Sharm every summer growing up since my family spent about 3 months in Egypt every year. Anyway, I am more excited about going away than I am about having a completed dissertation – although I think that’s normal.

I leave with my Uncle on our multi-week Euro trip on the 17th and I am too excited! Amsterdam is our first stop and the weather is making it seem like it will be beautiful at that time of the year!!

I have to get back to essays now L But I’ll leave you with some photos to enjoy! Happy Spring J

Yasmine - London eyeView from the London Eye at night

Yasmine - Karl Marx

Karl Marx’s Burial Site in High Gate (London)!

Yasmine - view from Edinburgh Castle

View from the Edinburgh Castle

Yasmine - Arthurs Seat

View of Edinburgh (Arthur’s Seat is the cliff you see)

Yasmine - Cliffords Tower

I think this is called Clifford’s Tower? It’s in Edinburgh

Yasmine - Wales

Teeny Tiny House in a Teeny Tiny Town in Wales

Yasmine - Wales castle

View of the ocean from one of the castles in Wales


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