Aftermath of the Easter Holidays

Hello, it’s been a while! I am writing this post while mourning the lovely weather we’ve had the past two weeks. Should have known that this is Manchester and our amazing luck could only last for so long until the rain and grey skies returned to mock us. Oh well, at least I got a chance to see how pretty the University looks in the sun.

Mitali - Uni in the sun

I’ve had a lovely Easter Break holidaying in Turkey and Scotland with my family. We visited Istanbul and then this tiny little village about twenty miles from Glasgow called Loch Lomond and honestly both those places were lovely.

Istanbul is the kind of place which will have quaint European seaside towns’ right next to the frantic crowds that populate the Spice Bazaar which shares space with grand monuments like Ayasofya and Topkapi Palace. The whole city is like an experience. I tried all the local foods like baklava, apple tea, kebabs and even had a little “Edward from Narnia” moment when I first tasted Turkish Delight. Needless to say, I’m in love with the city and already planning my next trip there.

Mitali - gas lamps Mitali - Turkish Delight
Glass lamps at the Grand Bazaar and Turkish Delight!

Loch Lomond is right next to the Trossachs National Park and we had plenty of fun hiking and walking on the nature trails and the quiet, peaceful surrounding was a complete change from Istanbul but still had its own charm.

Mitali - Loch Lomond 1 Mitali - Loch Lomond 2

As great as it was meeting my family and traveling, with only three weeks until my first exam, I am regretting not getting any work done during that time. I can’t believe how fast this semester has gone and it’s honestly hard to believe I will be completing my first year in less than a month. I still feel like a fresher!

Its times like these I regret having taken such a heavy course because I didn’t get to go to any of the places I’d planned on like Bath or Oxford or Lake District. At least next year looks a little better because I’ve already made some plans to go traveling and also, I will be going to see Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy in the fall!

To make up for my total lack of activity in the past year, I went to a vintage clothes fair in Fallowfield this weekend. It was, embarrassingly enough, not only my first time in Fallowfield but also in buying second-hand or vintage clothes. I was a little apprehensive, but I managed to get a pretty sweet denim jacket (Levi’s!) for a ridiculously low price and a couple other things as well. I don’t think my OCD-ness will be able to handle too much of wearing second-hand clothes but I definitely am looking forward to future fairs.

Mitali - vintage fair

Vintage fair at Koh Tao in Fallowfield

I also went for a midnight screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron last week which was everything I had hoped for and more. So much character development, so much snark, so many clues for the following Marvel instalments; it was definitely worth the all-nighter and watching it with fellow fans made it all the more better.

Work-wise, I spent this whole weekend in Ali G (the Learning Commons) finishing up all my labs and getting started on revision. Exam time also means that no matter what hour you go, Ali G will always be jam-packed and it takes creativity and a stubborn attitude to find a place for yourself. For instance right now, I’m sitting on the windowsill using a laptop stand as my table, while the guy next to me has made a bed for himself using two chairs.

Our final presentation for the first-year project was last Tuesday and I think it went great. The other tutors seemed impressed with our website and it’s nice to know that all our hard work of the past year has finally paid off. Like I mentioned before, our project is a room-mate matching website and also helps in finding housing so if anyone reading this blog is interested, look it up on

The CS-Soc is having a ball next weekend and I’m pretty excited for it. It took me ages to find a proper dress which didn’t also empty my bank account and at one point I was honestly considering selling my ticket, but thankfully that didn’t happen.  I’ll post pictures of it in the next blog post.

That’s it for now. I’ve got a mountain of revision to do and someone’s just vacated a comfy spot so I better hurry. Wish me luck and until next time!


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