The AU Executive Committee

The Athletic Union (AU) is the umbrella term for the University of Manchester sports teams, competing against other Universities in BUCS (British University and College Sports). The AU consists of 87 teams across 36 sports, separated into 42 different sports clubs and the focus is about representing the University of Manchester in competitive sport.

The Executive Committee head up the Athletic Union and consist of the following posts:

  • Sport Sabbatical Office (SSO)
  • Events Officer
  • BUCS Wednesday Officer
  • Events Based Sports Representative (BUCS)
  • Communications Officer

The roles are elected at the Summer AGM and these blogs aim to give you an insight into what each of the roles entail.

David - sports guest blogDavid Lawson

British University and Colleges Sport (BUCS) Wednesday Representative

Men’s Rugby Union Athletic Union Club

I have held the position of BUCS Wednesday Officer for the past year, which mainly involves collating the results from all Wednesday fixtures each week, inputting them into the BUCS website and tracking the weekly performance of all clubs and distributing updates to the SPORT Manchester team. On top of this I work closely with the Sports Sabbatical Officer to assist clubs in handling disputes and rearranged/ cancelled fixtures.

I was attracted to apply for the position mainly due to having played for multiple AU clubs and wanting to get a better idea of how the AU is run at a higher level, and also be involved with many different sports clubs and get to know their members (of course free AU every week and gym membership didn’t hurt).

The thing I have enjoyed most of all is getting to know so many different people through my role; from the staff in the SPORT Manchester office and other AU exec members to all students in the 42 AU sports clubs.

Time management is key for this role as you are under pressure to collate all the results and distribute information on time, and there are also other jobs that need to be done at specific times. I have really developed my communication and people skills through constantly being in contact with so many different people.

For this position I would say, make sure you are prepared to put in the couple of hours every week needed and organise your time well, and if you can do that then it is most definitely worth doing. It looks great on your CV and comes with many benefits!

Favourite Purple and Proud moment: Hearing Pat Sanders (ex-England rugby union captain) give a great talk at the SPORT Manchester induction training day in September to 143 student leaders involved in all the different programmes!

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