Travel plans and Chester

I’m back from the cynicism of my previous blog! I’ve been quite busy recently, but it is slowly getting better and more manageable. School wise I have finished my work placement, did two presentations, and have seriously started dissertation outlining and researching. It feels so nice to have gotten this far! Only two weeks left of lectures for me and I seriously cannot wait for them to be over – lectures make me so exhausted. Anyhow, aside from academia I’ve been really busy planning and having some much needed fun. As I’ve mentioned previously one of my best friends from California is coming to visit me in the last week of March. So far our plans consist of London, Manchester, Snowdonia in Wales, a day around the Peak District, and Edinburgh in Scotland. It sounds like it is going to be probably the best week and a half I have had in a long while!

I also have officially finished booking my Eurotrip in May with my Uncle! We will be in Manchester, Amsterdam, Munich, and Venice! I’m also hoping to show him a bit around Northern England, maybe I’ll take him to York or Liverpool! Our flights, trains, and hotels are booked and now I need to look at getting museum tickets to certain places—getting tickets in advance to the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam are apparently a nightmare on the day, so I’ll be doing that soon. If you plan on doing a lengthy trip around Europe here is my advice: don’t. Just kidding! Do, but keep in mind it is not easy. The websites European train companies use are confusing and even when tickets are sold out or not even available on that day they don’t tell you – it simply says there is an error. This caused me a lot of frustration and some not so nice words.

So this weekend I went to Chester. I don’t know if I mentioned, but Lewis got a car nearly a month ago and he’s been a bit driving crazy, so quick trips are now a new thing in our lives. Anyway, the weather today was amazing. 14 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze—this is my ideal weather for exploring. I’ll just drop some photos of Chester into this. I didn’t do any real museums or touristy things, but there are apparently loads!

Yasmine - Chester 1 Yasmine - Chester 2

Yasmine - Chester 3 Yasmine - Chester 4 Yasmine - Chester 5

Just some shots inside Chester Cathedral and of the garden. They also had the choir singing and someone playing the organ while we were inside. It was so soothing.

Yasmine - Chester 6 Yasmine - Chester 7

We stopped for cake & tea at the Mad Hatter tea shop. I got hot chocolate, which was hot milk and came with a large chunk of chocolate on a stick that you swirl around until it makes hot chocolate. It was pretty good!

Yasmine - Chester 8

This was some sort of old car factory I believe, but is now a public library! I love it. It was on the main pedestrian road – all these buildings are shops! How cute is that?!

I’ve also been around Manchester a bit snapping some photos for you all!

Yasmine - Mcr

This is one of the buildings right behind the Arndale near the Printworks! It’s currently under construction – they are turning into loads of restaurants and shops.

Yasmine - 256 Yasmine - 256 v1

My program hosted a “Question Time” with UoM staff in a bar called 256 in Fallowfield. I never come to Fallowfield, but I was a fan of this place. I have to go back!

Yasmine - spinningfields

I always post photos of the old buildings in Manchester! But here is some of the new building in Spinningfields – right next to the John Rylands Library.

Yasmine - clock towerThis old church with a Clock Tower is near the Printworks and the Victoria Station! They have a community garden outside with a seesaw and it’s my new favourite place I think.

Anyhow, next time I blog it will probably have loads from my trip with my best friend – so keep an eye out for less words and more pictures. Also on my to do list is to visit the new Whitworth Art Gallery. I keep saying I’ll go, but I never make it. Wish me luck on making it there!


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