The AU Executive Committee

The Athletic Union (AU) is the umbrella term for the University of Manchester sports teams, competing against other Universities in BUCS (British University and College Sports). The AU consists of 87 teams across 36 sports, separated into 42 different sports clubs and the focus is about representing the University of Manchester in competitive sport.

The Executive Committee head up the Athletic Union and consist of the following posts:

  • Sport Sabbatical Office (SSO)
  • Events Officer
  • BUCS Wednesday Officer
  • Events Based Sports Representative (BUCS)
  • Communications Officer

The roles are elected at the Summer AGM and these blogs aim to give you an insight into what each of the roles entail.

Fabienne - sports guest blogFabienne Johnson

Events Based Sports British University and Colleges Sports (BUCS) Representative

Women’s Lacrosse Athletic Union Club

What does the position involve?

My role mainly involves online admin. That doesn’t sound very exciting but it does mean that I’ve come into contact with pretty much every sports club at the University. I have to check which competitions are coming up on the BUCS website and then ask the relevant clubs for their team lists. I also send out the BUCS Essentials to all the events based sports (i.e. sports that don’t normally have matches every Wednesday). Aside from the admin I help out at events like the Fresher’s Fair, giving people encouragement and advice to get involved with sport at Uni.

What attracted you to the position?

I was looking for a role that gave me more responsibility within sport at the University, as well as the chance to improve and demonstrate skills that will be relevant when I applying for jobs after University.

What have you enjoyed most about being part of the Exec team?

I can’t pick one specific moment but right from the start everyone has been really friendly and we’ve all worked well together. I was a little nervous at the start as I was a late addition to the team but everyone was very welcoming and I fitted right in.

What skills do you feel you have developed in this role?

This might seem a boring one but the most important skill I have improved has been my time management. Making sure that you know which deadlines are approaching and being able to deal with them appropriately has been very important. Teamwork is another obvious one, it has been important to stay in touch with everyone as deadlines approach so that we could work together to submit them, particularly in January when there were a lot of entries to be done.

What advice would you have for anyone wanting to apply for your position?

Do it! I had no idea what this position was before I applied for it but I’m so glad I did. I have really enjoyed being more involved with the Athletic Union as it has taught me a lot and I’ve met a lot of different people. If you are organised and prepared to think on your feet this is the job for you. There is a good balance of independent work and teamwork involved which will help you to develop your own professional skills.

Favourite Purple and Proud moment?

Personally it has to be our Lacrosse 1st team beating Nottingham in my last ever University league match, let’s hope for a similar result at Christie Cup!

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