Post-results relief and the downside of having a social life

First of all, my results came in last week aaannnddd…I GOT A FIRST IN ALL OF MY SUBJECTS!

*cue happy dancing*

I was so stressed out in the days coming up to it because I hadn’t managed to get any revision done over the vacation and spending every day in classes with some legit geniuses doesn’t do great things for your self-esteem, but apparently I did better than I thought I had so yay!

To celebrate, I went out to Sankeys this Thursday which turned out to be both a great and terrible idea. It was fun because I hadn’t gone out in ages and the music was fantastic but oh lord, the crowd! We couldn’t move an inch without bumping into or being pushed by at least five other people and that made dancing pretty much impossible. Pretty sure the actual Full Moon party in Thailand would be less populated than this was. Also it’s a bit further away than most of the other clubs we usually go to which means we had to take a taxi, so that along with the tickets and the drinks made it a very expensive night. But I would still recommend it for the music and the general ‘experience’.

Mitali - sankeys

Me and a friend at Sankeys after a nice lady offered to paint our faces

I also got selected to become a student ambassador for the School of Computer Science as well as a PASS leader for next year so it’s safe to say that I’m pretty much owning March (at least for now). A student ambassador is someone who is present on Open Days and Visit Days and such to talk to prospective students and their parents and also to show them around the school and help with interviews and stuff. I’m trying to do as many things as I can to make my currently empty CV look a little more respectable, so this definitely helps.

This past week has been so busy with so many society-related events that I am seriously lagging behind on coursework. The Harry Potter society had a movie night, film club had a pub quiz (in which I embarrassed myself with my laughably little knowledge of film trivia), the debating union had a great panel discussion on women in STEM-related fields and phew! I know I made a resolution to be more involved in non-CS related activities and make more of an effort to be social, but damn it is exhausting!

One of my favourite halls-related events, Campus Comedy, is also back again. The JCR invites a bunch of comedians to perform stand up in different halls and it only happens once each term. Some of them are really well-known and seriously talented, like Dan Nightingale, so it’s a steal watching them perform for free.

I also went to Chinatown during their New Year celebrations with my dad and the whole place was decorated beautifully with stalls (selling everything from fans to dolls to personalized inscriptions in mandarin) and rides and all that delicious smelling food. Unfortunately due to bad weather and pending coursework I couldn’t go to their fireworks event but I hear it was amazing.

Mitali - Chinatown

Chinatown which I swear looked better than my rubbish photography skills show it to be

And only three more weeks till Easter Break when I will be visiting Turkey and Scotland with my family so I’m pretty excited about that. How is it March already?! Where did the days go? This semester has been more or less a complete whirlwind but I’m enjoying it much more than the last one. Not only has the weather improved (THREE sunny days in a row?! What sorcery is this?!) but I’ve also realized to not let work stress me out as much and keep such high expectations. I don’t mean to say that I have been completely slacking off but I’ve been making it a priority to have fun as well. After all, it’s only going to get harder next year so I might as well enjoy my time now.

I’m ending this post with a teaser of how pretty this city can be when the sun deigns to show us its presence. Until next time, xx.

Mitali - sun


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