10 Things To Do in Manchester as an international student

Being an international student can be confusing and overwhelming, but ultimately it is loads of fun. It’s not only important to be happy with Uni, but also love the city surrounding you. With these 10 places that I personally approve, I hope it will help you start your exploration of Manchester and show you how much we have to offer!

  1. Check out some of the amazing museums on offer

Yasmine GIF 1

My favourites include: Museum of Science and Industry, The Manchester Museum, and the People’s History Museum. The best part about museums? They are free!

  1. Watch some football in The Footage

Yasmine - footage 2

Whether you’re a City or a United fan – the Footage will have the game on. They usually have all sorts of sports from around the world on big screens. The atmosphere is fun even if you don’t want to sit and watch!

  1. Look for something quirky to wear in Afflecks Palace

Yasmine - afflecks

Afflecks unites the hipsters and everyone else in Manchester. It has tons of independent retailers selling clothes, antiques, jewellery, and even food all under one roof.

  1. Dance to the best of Manc music at 42nd Street

Yasmine - 42nd street

Drinks for under £2, a large dance floor, and a variety of tunes. 42s is a great place for all students, even the mature ones!

  1. Grab coffee and lunch at Christie’s Bistro

Yasmine - Christies

Yasmine GIF 2

Christie’s Bistro is on campus near the library. The food is good, the prices are good, and you will feel like you’re at Hogwarts.

  1. Try to make a dent eating the 8000 calorie Manchester Wheel burger

Yasmine GIF 3

Yasmine - burger

This isn’t vegetarian friendly, but if you’re a foodie…or just like to risk cardiac arrest try the Wheel burger at Solitas. It’s HUGE and it suppose to feed about 6.

  1. Attempt at answering trivia questions at Home

Yasmine GIF 4

The questions tend to focus on film and pop culture, so watch Netflix and show up! Groups tend to be between 2-6 people and everyone takes home a prize (beer and free cinema tickets!).

  1. Get festive at the biggest Christmas Markets in Europe



Lights make the city glow, Santa sits in front of Town Hall, and stalls fill the town centre. Hot drinks, food, and many homemade goods fill the streets in November and December and if you don’t check them out, you’re missing out!

  1. Hop on a train from Piccadilly Station

Yasmine GIF 5

Fancy a day of hiking in the Lake District? Maybe you want to check out The Shambles in York. Weekend in London? Trains go in and out of Piccadilly all day long and can take you throughout the UK and Europe.

  1. Get up close and personal at a concert in the Albert Hall

Yasmine - first aid kit

This was one of the first things I did when I moved here was see First Aid Kit! The Hall is an old church with gorgeous architecture and windows, but now has standing room below with a bar and sitting room atop to listen to music and watch your favourite artist!

I could have included tonnes more about why Manchester is great and what there is to do here, but I want to leave some for you to explore! Make a new friend, hop on the bus, and see where you end up. You might be surprised and end up enjoying it as much as I do! 😉 You can’t get bored in Manchester, I guarantee it.


  1. Hi, i’m considering going to manchester to take my MPlan degree. The thing is im considering between firming Manchester or UCL. Most people tell me to go for UCL, both for the uni as well as location. Could you please help me convince myself that Manchester is a good place?

    1. Many criticise the weather as well as the fact that it’sit’s industrialised. I do not drink nor go to dance clubs, and i am not a big fan of sports. I like to travel n discover new things. What can manchester offer in this regard?

    2. Is the travelling in manchester and around it esp london expensive?ii believe i will be doing a lot of that if i live in london.

    3. What is a good unihall nearby oxford road?iis there such a thiing?

    Thank u n i would really really highly appreciate any reply you can give me! 🙂
    You can email me too, at nurulshamine95@gmail.com.

    Looking forward to a reply!

    1. Hi Shamine!

      I did a study abroad in London in 2011 and I have to say it was fun, so I can totally understand your confusion and uncertainty! Most people say go to London because it’s a world-wide name, but with that name comes some disadvantages as well.

      London is a lot more expensive– a lot more. Think about where you will live after your year or so in Uni halls and try checking out websites like rightmove.co.uk to see what you could potentially afford. The weather is a bit colder than London and does rain a little more often, but unless you come from a place that is warm and sunny all the time (like me from California) you probably won’t be too miserable! Although many students may feel like everyone goes to pubs and clubs it isn’t necessarily the case! A lot of pubs here people to go for dinner and not just to drink, so don’t ever feel like you can’t socialise because you don’t drink! There are quite a few museums in Manchester, it’s very easy to travel to other cities via train or bus such as Peak District, Lake District, York, Chester, etc which are all gorgeous places, plus the airport has cheap flights around Europe year around and only takes 15-30 minutes to get to! Also with travel you can get a student Stagecoach Bus Pass which will let you on an unlimited amount of times throughout the academic year for less than £150– I don’t think this is available in London, at least not at this price. There are quite a few student halls on/near Oxford Road! Try looking at the student accommodation website and see what they have to offer. They also have halls in Victoria Park which is a quick bus ride away from Main Campus, but also closer to Curry Mile and Fallowfield. Anyway, I hope this provides some insight. Again I can totally understand your dilemma and it’s important to pick where you feel you will have the most enjoyment outside of Uni as well as it meeting your academic interests. Good luck and thanks for checking out my blog!

      — Yasmine

  2. Hi, i may be coming to manc in september to study Mplanning! I am kind of worried because i dont drink and i dont do much sports. Could you possibly tell me a few things that could win me to manchester over london? I also have an offer from ucl that i am considering c:

  3. Hi again Shamine!

    Congrats on your acceptances to both universities! I am similar, I don’t go out too much and I’m not athletic really. Luckily, Manchester isn’t focused on purely either of those things. Plenty of students do neither and have a great time. There are museums, loads of places to shop, parks, and student organizations and clubs. London and Manchester basically have the same things to offer, just as we know London is bigger and has a bigger name. I do have to say you can save a lot more money by coming to Manchester and there are some pretty tight knit communities here. I really can’t advise you on which is best for you, but I can say the City of Manchester is pretty great and is so close to so many other gorgeous cities and countryside that you wouldn’t be disappointed! Google as many things as possible, read these blogs, and check out other student forums online and see what other students in your program think! Good luck!

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