Ramblings from a disheartened linguist

Looking back at my last post, which was full of enthusiasm and excitement, I can tell this one is going to have a seriously different tone. I am not happy.


I’ll be honest, I knew they weren’t going to be great for me because I had rather a difficult time last semester and I felt that it had affected my studies; that still doesn’t change my reaction of utter disappointment when faced with the reality of it. The way it’s worked out is that my results came out at different stages. On Friday I got the marks for 3 of my modules (one of which was terrible, but the other two better than I’d expected – at this point I was thinking ‘it’s not the best, but it’s okay’) and today I received the mark for another module, and that wasn’t good. Some of my hopes were riding on getting a good mark for that module as other students’ essays had been marked very generously – definitely not the case for me! I’m still waiting on the result for my final module as the lecturer hasn’t been well, delaying the release of marks. I’m really, really hoping that it will be a decent grade as my two bad ones have pulled down my overall grade so far pretty significantly.

Although it’s a bad outcome, I’ve at least learned recently that it’s okay to ask for help when you’re having a difficult time, whether you ask the DSO, your academic advisor or just friends and family. I’m really working hard and getting my head down this semester, so I’m hoping that instead of being upset for too long about it, this setback will motivate me to work even harder.

Aside from all the gloom and doom, I celebrated my birthday last week with my nearest and dearest. My family and my boyfriend’s mum and sister joined together to go to Solita for a meal. It was a first for all of us, going to Solita, but I would absolutely go again and recommend it to anyone. The restaurant itself looked really nice with all the decorations, and the food is US style with a twist. The portions are pretty massive, so you definitely get good value for money! I’m hoping to go again sometime soon as it was just so nice, and I’ll promise to get some cheeky snaps next time!


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