Ain’t no rest for a CS student

First of all, I SURVIVED EXAMS WEEK! Oh yes, I did. And I think I did pretty well except for one course-unit in which I will be happy if I pass considering how awful my paper was. I also survived the first week of semester 2, which may sound like nothing but not only do we have an extra course-unit this semester and a time-table that makes me cry every time I look at it, but we have already started getting assignments and homework. Oh yay, this is shaping up to be a tough semester.

Also in other slightly cooler news, we get to make our own Snake game in the first Java labs! Does anyone remember that highly addictive game practically every Nokia phone had back in the Stone Ages when we didn’t have smartphones? Well now I’ll be making one as well so please, feel free to be impressed.

Last weekend, to celebrate the end of exams, I went out to this new (well, for me anyway) club called Suede which is located somewhere near the city centre. They cater to a slightly older crowd, so the place was definitely posher than the usual student haunts like Factory or Sankeys. Normal entry is 10 pounds which is much steeper than what I’d pay for a club but there was an offer going on so we got in for free. The drinks were extremely pricey and definitely not worth it. The music was mostly R&B, hip-hop stuff which is not really my kind of music, but my friends love it so they had fun singing along and dancing while I shuffled awkwardly in place. But then again, that’s me in pretty much every club.

On Sunday, I woke up far too late and thus missed brunch (as usual). I was originally planning on going for tea with some friends at the Richmond Tea Rooms in the Northern Quarter (which looks so adorable I will definitely be going there soon) but had no idea that it required reservation so by the time we reached the waiting period was for two hours!  Instead, we went out for dinner at this lovely little Lebanese place called Petra, somewhere off Upper Brook Street. Mediterranean/Lebanese is my favourite cuisine and it’s so hard to find a good restaurant in Manchester (the kebab places in Curry Mile don’t count). Although the portions were smaller than expected, the food was delicious, reasonably priced and just perfect for the cold, rainy evening.

Last week, there was another Fresher’s Fair at the Academy. This one was apparently much smaller than the one that they had in September but I missed that one, so I went this time anyway. I wanted to join some more societies since last semester I didn’t really do anything apart from MPS. Most of the stalls were for volunteer/charity work but I did find a Game of Thrones society which I joined just for the heck of it, and also picked up a pretty interesting flyer for RAG (Raise and Give) which organizes fundraisers for all sorts of causes and local charities.

A friend of a friend had his birthday on Friday, so we all went to his halls, Opal Gardens, in the evening. Their common room is a lot nicer than mine with a foosball table, pool table, disco lights and even a make shift bar. The original plan was to go out and celebrate but instead, everyone was just hanging out in the common room with one guy taking over the bar-tending and someone else providing the music. Loads of people kept coming and going, probably curious about the noise, and it was just a chill, low-key evening and probably the most fun I’ve had in a while.

I’ve also mostly gotten my accommodation stuff sorted for next year, which I’m especially glad about so yay, gold star for me. The place we found is along Upper Brook Street, so it’s super close to the main uni buildings as well as Tesco, Poundland etc and also much cheaper than what I currently pay for halls. In the end, only three of us decided to stay together with the others all opting for university accommodation next year. But honestly, I think a smaller group is much better, because I get slightly OCD about having clean kitchens and bathrooms, so living with seven people would have been a…challenge.

That’s all from me for now. I have a fun night ahead of me with labs and homework from three different course-units, and I’m going to need a lot of caffeine to get through it. See you on the other side, x.


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