I hope everyone’s had a fantastic Christmas and beginning to the New Year! I had a lovely break with my family, most of which was literally just spent relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing. I wish I could say that I was a good little student and began revising early during the Christmas break, but sadly (or not too sadly…) I left it until after New Year’s.

It’s been a pretty stressful exam period this year as the modules I’ve done are quite difficult and I didn’t really leave myself enough time to fully prepare. Nevertheless, I feel like my exams have gone alright overall, so it’s just time to get my head down this semester so that my grades don’t suffer too horribly!

A lot of my Christmas break was spent doing lots of overtime at work (including working Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve L), so there wasn’t much time to do anything fun unfortunately… Christmas day was a really great break from work though; my boyfriend and I spent the night at my parents’ house on Christmas eve and got up at 5am (entirely my dad’s fault) to open presents and begin the day. Then, at around 12pm, we went over to my boyfriend’s mum’s for more present-opening and Christmas dinner. Unlike many other people, I did not get drunk on Christmas day or New Year’s Eve due to having work and being completely unwilling to go in with a hangover.

Given all the stress with balancing uni work and paid work, I’ve ended up handing in my resignation and am currently trying to get a transfer to the store in Fallowfield. It took a total of about 4 hours to get to and from work every time I had a shift, so I was cutting it a little fine with being able to manage to keep up with university. The prospect of having more time on my hands is definitely making me look forward to the next semester a lot more than the last one.

I may not have been up to much exciting recently, but I do have a few great things booked for the coming year; my boyfriend and I are going to Amsterdam at the beginning of the Easter break for 4 days which will be our first trip alone together, exciting times! Then, in June my parents, boyfriend and I are going to Sherwood Forest Centerparcs for a week. Last year we went to a different Centerparcs but we all loved it, so this holiday should be great. And finally, in December my boyfriend and I are going to New York with his mum and sister for 4 nights! I’m really excited for all of them, plus I’ll be going to see You Me At Six, All Time Low and Fall Out Boy in February and October. I’d also better start working out soon as I’m doing the 5k Pretty Muddy Race For Life and the 5k Colour Run in July. To say that I am unfit now is an understatement, so building up my stamina early is definitely necessary!!


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