Exam Relief

So incase anyone was worrying…I MADE IT! I finished my essays and I’ve spent the last couple weeks trying to forget the panic and pain I endured. I definitely waited until last minute to do 2 out of the 4 and it was the worse decision I’ve ever made. I stayed up nearly the whole night before the due date and only managed to turn them in 10 minutes before the time they were due. Hopefully I managed to do okay, never thought I would be so satisfied with just passing and not getting high marks.

So here I am at the Footage with a Cherry Blackwell pitcher forgetting all my academic concerns.

Yasmine - footage 1

Anyway, I’ve had the time to go out, take pictures, and do things! Here’s some of my favourite buildings around town and campus:

Yasmine - campus building

I don’t remember the name of this building, but you can’t deny it isn’t amazing!

Yasmine - parking

This is actually one of my pet peeves. Back in California if you park the opposing way of traffic you’ll get a fine or even your car towed, so I guess I’m just so accustomed to this being ‘wrong’ and I can’t move beyond it.

Yasmine - great northern

I absolutely adore how the Great Northern Warehouse looks! Inside there is an AMC Cinema, bowling alley, lounge, restaurant, and I think a gym. It’s just so beautiful from the outside!

Yasmine - great northern 1

It still looks amazing at night too! Plus, I love how it’s surrounded by newer buildings.

Yasmine - radisson

Just a view on my walk. The Radisson in Manchester is in a great, vibrant area. I’ve heard they offer a great tea – but I haven’t had the chance to check it out!

Yasmine - kinder

Kinder isn’t a thing back in the States, but the Bueno chocolate bars are literally the best thing ever. If you live somewhere that Kinder chocolate is not available and you make it to the UK, EAT. THEM. ALL.

Yasmine - Joshua Brooks

I’ve yet to go to this pub as well, too. However, it looks like a really relaxed place. I’ve peeped inside and they have lights and a dance floor along with the bar.

Yasmine - Stalybridge

This is a house in Stalybride. If you can see it says 1721…that’s the year the house was built. This house is more than 50 years older than the country I grew up in. That’s really old for me to think about and even harder to understand, but nonetheless, it’s really cool looking!

Yasemine - snow

Speaking of Stalybride, it snowed more than I have ever seen before there last week! It has been EXTREMELY cold this past week or so. Although I haven’t been handling the cold well and I don’t particularly like snow – it is nice to look at!

So I start lectures again on Monday. I’m not looking forward to getting back into school because how much I’ve enjoyed my time off and being able to relax. But, if I get through my 8 weeks of lectures I have tons of fun planned!

The last weekend in March I’m going to London with Lewis as a birthday getaway for him. On that Sunday one of my best friends is flying in from California to spend a week and a half with me! We planned a couple days in Edinburgh and I’m also planning on taking her to York and the Sherwood Forest and/or the Peak District!

Then in May my Uncle is coming from Florida! We are going to spend almost 2 weeks travelling around Europe. We are going to Amsterdam, Munich, Salzburg, and Venice! I’m beyond excited for this because I’ve been wanting to travel around Europe so badly, but between the cost of it, school, and having someone to go with it hasn’t happened as much as I would like!

Anyway, if anyone has any travel tips for any of these cities let me know! I want to experience it all. J


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