‘Tis the season for work, work and more work

Hello again! Judging by the hailstorm that happened last week I think we can now say that winter has officially arrived (cue awkward Game of Thrones reference). Which is great because this is definitely my favourite time of the year. Summers are for people who don’t sweat and whose hair does not feel the need to frizz up at the slightest increase in humidity. I, on the other hand, would be perfectly happy having a year-round autumn. Hot chocolate, ice-skating, winter clothes, you name it; I am so in my element right now, guys.

My week so far has been far more “Christmas-y” than usual because everyone is celebrating earlier before we break for the holidays. My halls of residence had its Christmas party last Friday night at our bar, Nellie’s. It was a small, laidback event with mulled wine and candy-canes and even a themed photo-booth (where naturally the queue was never-ending). Not the wildest party ever, but at one point we did have the entire room singing along to ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis so you know, can’t quite beat that. We also had a formal Christmas Dinner on Tuesday which was super fancy with valet service, wine and a three-course service (specifically a service that had Bailey’s cheesecake for dessert). The food was absolutely delicious and it was nice to have everyone all dressed up for a change.

I also went to the Vintage Fair on Saturday which was far too crowded to do any actual shopping but still a nice way to spend a morning I would have otherwise wasted lazing in bed. Plus, they did have some amazing items and great deals (15 quid for a kilo’s worth of clothes!). And the only other thing I did in my otherwise lazy weekend was going out for dinner in Chinatown with some friends since by this point we’re all a little sick of the dining hall food.

Turns out I got so caught up in the “last-week-of-semester” fever that I didn’t manage to do any work over the weekend which was, I realized on Monday, a truly terrible decision. All my lab work and coursework has a deadline for the end of this week and I’ve already stayed up two nights in a row trying to finish everything before the last marking sessions. So if at any point in this post I end up rambling incoherently, then my apologies.

In other news, my presentations for our group project went well with everyone loving our idea and even my tutor, who is normally quite critical, was impressed! Our group decided to make a website that helps students find room-mates based on their preferences and review accommodation as well. This is something we all needed given that right now is the time people usually start choosing who they’re going to be living with and start making plans to find housing and such.

I feel like there are too many decisions that have to be made in such a short period of time (most housing contracts are already finalized by mid-February) and for those like me who are still not sure about things like budget and room-mates, it can all get a little stressful. Fingers crossed, we end up finishing our website so that next year, other students can use it and probably have an easier time of it.

Exam time tables were released today and suddenly four weeks of holiday seems far too short to get anything done. How am I meant to catch up with everyone back home, revise for exams and work on our website in four weeks?! Honestly, I think my break is going to be more stressful than uni itself.

I will try and post a bit during the break but if not, then merry Christmas to all the other bloggers and everyone else, and I will see you all in 2015!


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