Happy Holidays everyone!

December has been a busy month and I am so, so surprised and shocked that it’s already the halfway point! I know most people love December because of Christmas, but most people forget the (arguably) best day…my birthday! My birthday is the 31st of the month– so the whole world celebrates with parties, balloon drops, and fireworks. I’m important…I know. 😉

I’ve officially finished all my Christmas shopping! As usual the most difficult part was buying for others and not just for myself like I generally tend to do. Like I promised from my last post I have pictures of the Markets here in Manchester! Before you see these pictures I have to warn you—if you don’t like the cold, crowds, or delicious food & drinks the Markets are not for you! However, most people (I think) are willing to brave the crowds and put on some layers for some good food!

So here’s a photo of the markets during the day when you can actually see the crowd:

Yasmine - xmas markets

I don’t know if you can tell, but there is hardly space to walk! But, the lights really make it what it is…Christmas! So here’s a night time photo right when they were closing:

Yasmine - xmas markets 1

Not great quality, but just Google it for better, more professional pictures! What did I get at the market you ask? Well I had these potatoes with cheese & onion. These were amazing and have probably improved my life drastically. I also had a Nutella pancake. I recommend both. I bought my boyfriend’s mom a jar of local honey and bought my mom a homemade keychain, which I mailed to her for her birthday! I also had a bunch of sweets, but I’m trying to forget what I consumed the couple times I stopped by for a ‘quick’ look.

I really haven’t been up to much though! I’m really just trying to finish my coursework as soon as I can because I want to enjoy as much of January as possible before the next semester begins! I went and had tea and cake the other day…well actually I had hot chocolate and cake. It was amazing because red velvet cake isn’t as common here as it is in America, so when I saw it I had to have it!

Yasmine - hot chocolate

So basically I’ll work on some essays, take a lot of naps, and just have fun for the rest of the month! I’m spending Christmas at Lewis’ and spending my birthday or New Years Eve, as some of you may call it, at a club off Oxford Road. They are having 3 levels of music, each a different genre, glitter bombs and a balloon drop at midnight so to say the least I’m pretty excited. Right after the New Year and my first semester officially ending I’m planning to do a day trip to London, but I’m sure I’ll talk about that in detail a little more later on.

Happy holidays to everyone and enjoy the time off you deserve. Cheers!


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