From Leeds to Budapest

Hi friends!

So soon after my blog entry I went to a city called Leeds! I went mostly for Comic Book Convention. First thing I realized about Leeds? It was freezing. I was miserable the minute I stepped off the train. I tried to be optimistic though and got a taxi to the Convention. We ended up spending more time in various queues than inside the event, but I got a really cool special edition Back to the Future poster featured below:

Yasmine - back to the future

Here’s some Storm Troopers:

Yasmine - storm troopers

I walked around Leeds a bit, but it was just too cold for me and I wanted to go home…so I did. Here’s some pictures of Leeds though, feel free to judge it for yourself! 😉

Yasemine - leeds 1 Yasmine - leeds 2 Yasmine - leeds 3

There’s also a small version of the Hollywood sign you can see from the train:

Yasmine - leeds hollywood

However, this past week has been amazing! The way my program is organized I only have lectures for 8 weeks, then for the next 8 weeks I have to write a ~4,000 word paper for each course (4 course total in this case). So what does this mean? I can take a holiday in November! So on Thursday morning my boyfriend, Lewis, and I packed up and headed to the airport. We got on a plane to Budapest and had one amazing weekend. Budapest was so much fun and if you want to travel within the EU on a budget, Hungary is definitely a place to check out! Curious to what you can do in Budapest in a few days? Here you go:

P.S.—Some of my photos were taken with a disposable camera, so don’t mind if they look like they’re from the 70s!

Yasmine - freedom bridge

View of the Freedom Bridge from another bridge.

Yasmine - hungarian parliament

In front of the Hungarian Parliament. There’s tons of riot police because of the protests that were going on!

Yasmine - inside hungarian parliament

Inside Parliament. Tours for students are about 5 quid—it was alright, but the outside was better in my opinion.

Yasmine - Hungarian president

Once you get to the top of Castle this is the first building to your left. I believe it was the building for the Hungarian President.

Yasmine - chain bridge

View of the river and & city from the Castle. You can see Parliament to the left and the Chain bridge is below.

Yasmine - castle

My vogue pose is really great, but again at the Castle.

Yasmine - view

View from another bridge. This is probably one of my favourite photos!

Yasmine - lewis and castle

Lewis & I in front of a fountain at the Castle.

Yasmine - archery

They even offer archery at the Castle, so Lewis had to try it!

Yasmine - gelato

Then there was a place called Rosa Gelerto and they served gelato in rose form. Also probably best gelato I’ve ever had in my life and converts to about 1 quid for this cone!

So after coming home I’m a little sad. It was tons of fun and I didn’t want to come back to reality! I still have a pretty eventful week ahead of me though. Although I’m going to start on my papers and be the productive student I know I need to be—I also have a little more fun in mind!

On Tuesday I went to the Bayern Munich vs. Manchester City, it was literally the best football match I’ve ever seen. City won 3-2 in the last few minutes and the crowd went absolutely nuts! I also had the chance to go the Christmas Markets. I’ve never even heard of Christmas Markets until I moved here—definitely did not disappoint! I focused on the food aspect—so I got this cheese & potato dish and then a Nutella Pancake. Both were delicious. I wasn’t able to get any pictures because I was in a rush (they were closing soon after I arrived), but I will be back to go shopping for Christmas gifts, so I’ll take some then.

Thursday I celebrated Thanksgiving! I spent around six hours in my kitchen making everything—but my two favourites were a vanilla cake and dinner rolls! I was exhausted by dinner time, but it was great to be able to share my tradition from the USA. My food was enjoyed, too. 🙂

So I’ll be sure to share some photos of the Christmas activities soon! I’ve never celebrated Christmas, but all the lights are so pretty here which is making me really excited to celebrate my first Christmas! Enjoy your holiday season. 🙂

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