Revisiting an exciting summer – Part 2

The first half of my summer internship in Slovenia had offered so much. It was a great learning experience, I had made many new friends and overall, I felt that I had grown as an individual in such a short period of time. The second half was no different. From day one, my adventures at work and outside continued.

Girish - waters of Croatia

Beautiful waters of Croatia

Cursed by the good results obtained in my first month, I was given more work to do. I loved the challenge but the lazy student in me wanted an easier time. I continued to work on nuclear fusion simulation along the same lines mentioned in the earlier blog post.

Girish - tokamak

Tokamak visualisation

Nuclear fusion, to put it simply, is the process of combining two atoms or nuclei to produce energy. In order to combine these 2 atoms, usually isotopes of hydrogen, you need a lot of heat. Due to this heat, the resultant fusion material is in the fourth state of matter, plasma. Therefore, to contain this material and the resultant energy released, a toroidal structure called a tokamak is built to perform nuclear fusion experiments. Of course, physicists would disagree with my explanation, but I’m sure this blog ain’t going to win me a Nobel prize either way! My job was to mostly visualize various parameters within the tokamak such as pressure, voltage, energy fluctuations, etc to provide a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the process. Of course, nuclear fusion does not produce waste like nuclear fission reactors, so harnessing energy from fusion experiments could be a huge step forward in our conquest to obtain a clean energy source. However, it is a long way away.

Girish - Graz


Girish - Baska

Exquisite coastline of Baska

Along with my work, I continued to explore the lengths and breadths of central Europe, choosing to venture outside Slovenia and make my acquaintance with Austria and Croatia during the weekends. I visited the cities of Graz and Vienna in Austria, and chilled by the sea on the island of Krk in Croatia. Vienna took my breath away with its mix of culture, art and natural beauty especially the museums, the beautiful Schoenbrunn palace and St. Stephen’s church. Graz, on the other hand, was much quieter and offered the pleasures of a small town with the Muir Island and the lovely trek up to the clock tower, offering spectacular views above Graz. My last weekend, spent on the island of Krk, offered a much relaxed ending to a hectic 2 months of work and travelling. I basked in the sun, gazing upon the dreamy waters of the Adriatic sea and promised myself that I will definitely be back to this part of Europe again as both the internship and the experience had offered me so much!


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