Things are looking up…

Now I’ve got a decent balance with my normal work hours alongside university commitments, I’m feeling much better about everything! I’m slowly but surely getting there with my catching up, and having done some of the reading for my courses I’m not feeling as stressed about the work, as the readings have clarified a lot of things that I’ve been confused about. I think I could even go so far as to say that I’m finally enjoying university again! Let that be a lesson learned: do your reading and everything will be fine.

As I mentioned in my last blog, my boyfriend and I went to see Gone Girl at the Cineworld in Parrswood: we both really enjoyed it, although it did seem to go on forever! Having read the book, I think the film definitely does justice it justice, unlike some film representations that totally miss the point of their literary counterparts. I found that reading the book and watching the film were quite uncomfortable experiences, as neither of the characters is particularly likeable… Don’t get me wrong, though, the story is brilliant and it’s well worth a read/watch!

Running PASS sessions has been a new experience. This week, my co-leader and I ran our second session (even though only 3 people turned up L) and although it didn’t go as well as hoped, it’s been very satisfying to know that first years are leaving our sessions having learned something that they were struggling with previously. I would really encourage any first years reading this post to attend PASS sessions if your aren’t already as they really are beneficial and can be completely tailored to your own needs!

This Saturday I’m going to see a band called Mohawk Radio at Deaf Institute with my boyfriend (he created and develops their website), so it will be nice to have a night off work and doing university work to just enjoy some music and have a couple of drinks with my favourite person. Then, on Sunday, my friend and I are going to Keswick with the University’s hiking club – it seems like it’s going to be a long day, and the weather doesn’t look too promising, but at least it’s some exercise! After that we’ll be going to the Font in Fallowfield for the open mic night which should be fun.

There are quite a few exciting things coming up in the next couple of months… I’m going to see my favourite artist ever, Wakey! Wakey! next Sunday at Manchester’s Night n Day café in the Northern Quarter! Today, I also bought tickets to see Little Shop of Horror at the Royal Exchange in December, and a re-imagining of Wuthering Heights with an all-male cast at the Contact theatre in November. I think it’s great to have little treats like theatre trips dotted around, because even when you’re snowed under with work, at least you’ve got something to look forward to!


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