Stress, stress, stress!

We’re now starting week 3 of lectures, and not only have I been working hard at keeping up, but I’ve also managed to land myself a part time job at Sainsbury’s! Unfortunately, this has meant that I had to take Monday, Tuesday and Friday off uni last week, so I’ve got lots of catch-up work to do on top of other work.

As I knew that I would have to take these three days off, I emailed my lecturers and seminar leaders last week to let them know that I’d be unable to attend my classes on these days, and they were all really helpful and understanding and told me how to best catch up on the work. Luckily, a friend has photocopied her notes for me from the lectures! After going to my lectures on Pragmatics and Logic of English I’m feeling very overwhelmed, even though I managed to catch up on what I missed last week, so I’m going to make good use of my lecturer’s office hours this week to try and get the ball rolling again.

My new job is great, though, even after working 37 hours last week! It’s safe to say I’m pretty exhausted now, but I’ll only be working 14 hours a week from now on, unless I decide to work overtime as well.

With everything going on, I’ve really had no time to do anything fun so I don’t really have much else to say, although my housemates and I are already planning our Halloween party (…yes, it is still over 3 weeks away…).  I think I’m just going to relax tonight, and then tomorrow evening I’m going to see Gone Girl with my boyfriend; I read the book a few months ago and it was amazing, so I’m really looking forward to it!


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