Work, Work, Beer, Work

old hall

As my title might suggest, I’ve been busy getting stuck into 4th year work and also rather a lot of beer. Not in the way you might be expecting though! Last week was the annual summer beer festival at the pub where I work, The Old Hall Inn in Chinley, near to where I live. It was a packed weekend, full of locals as well as ale drinkers from up and down the country (there was even a train put on especially from Manchester to Chinley) it was mad! We had over 200 real ales and ciders on offer (and from reading Matt’s blog posts it sounds like it’d be right up his street) and as usual, it was a massive success! I’ve literally never been so busy in my life, but we got lots of comments about how hard working and friendly all the staff were which was wonderful! Having a part time job whilst at uni can be a useful source of extra income, it’s just about balancing time between work and studying. The University has a really good careers service which can help not just with graduate jobs but part time jobs and volunteering opportunities for current students too.

Back to studying though, I’m enjoying 4th year so far as there’s more emphasis on self-directed study and I can read and research about topics which I find interesting. I have 2 dissertation-type projects to do this year called ‘Advanced Study Options’. My first one, ASO1 is 3000 words and in for week 7 so I’ve got stuck in already. I’ve chosen to do it on Autism, specifically the gender differences in the presentation of autism in girls and boys. I find the subject really interesting and already I think its taking over my life, I caught myself dreaming about it one night last week!

I’ve also re-enrolled as a student ambassador (do I never rest?!) and have completed my training to be able to do HECs- Higher Education Conventions. This involves going to school and careers events up and down the country promoting Manchester and the benefits of going to university in general. So watch out, I may be coming to a UCAS convention near you!


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