Welcome Week

Its been 4 years but I’ve done it. I’ve gone through what proves to be a rite of passage for all students at The University of Manchester. How has it taken me 4 years to complete this task?


EleanorIf you know what I’m on about then Welcome to Manchester for another fun filled year! If you don’t have a clue, then you’re missing out on a crazy week full of free stuff, new friends, and lots and lots of free pizza vouchers.

Although I’m far from being a fresher I’ve still been enjoying the amazing atmosphere down Oxford Road and throughout the Uni campus. There’s been another milestone for me this week though as it also marks the first freshers week where I’ve gone to the library by choice to do work before it’s even been set! Gone are the days when freshers week was for going out every night! It would be remiss of me not to go out a little though, so this week I’ve been catching up with friends at Remake-Remodel, a really good club night in the Northern Quarter, somewhere we figured would be slightly undiscovered by freshers so far (no offence, but we’re all getting on a bit and you can all be quite loud). The music was also far more up my street than a regular club night, the DJ opting for Talking Heads, David Bowie, Little Richard and loads of other classics.

eleanor 1


The university has had loads of events on this week too to get newcomers involved and in the party spirit! There’s been free film screenings, guest lectures and even a zombie-themed night at the union?! I popped along to the freshers fair, where all of the university’s myriad of clubs and societies gather to entice you to sign up as a member (often with free stuff). To be honest I mostly went for the stuff. It was the craziest freshers fair I’ve ever seen! From people dressed as birds on stilts to a mini silent disco complete with DJ and smoke machine, everyone had gone all out!

After all that madness I had to go and rest up before coming back to uni later (I don’t know how they tidied everything away so fast like, seriously where did they put it all) to see AZEALIA BANKS who was playing at The Academy, next door to the union and one of 4 fab music venues at the university. It really was a great show, she played some tracks off her new album as well as well-known songs (212!!!!!!) and her backing singers and dancers were properly fierce. My photos aren’t great but its because I was too busy dancing along.

eleanor 2

After that hectic week I could do with a weekend of rest. But oh wait, its the annual summer beer festival at the Old Hall Inn, the pub where I work! Always a packed weekend with over 200 real ales and ciders on offer, its a very popular weekend and draws ale drinkers from up and down the country! Next week its back to lectures so there’ll be no rest then either. Busy busy!

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