Welcome/welcome back!

Just a quick mid-Welcome Week post from me! We’re now right in the middle of Welcome Week and just walking around campus right now is a bit of a chore, given how busy it is. The great advantage, though, is all of the freebies… especially free pizza! For any newcomers, I recommend that you do go and check out the welcome fair and the society fair! The best thing to do is join as many societies as you want and then decide later which ones you’d like to stick with.

I’ve taken on the roles of peer mentor and PASS leader this year, so I’ve also been really busy so far meeting all of the new students doing English Language and Linguistics and completing my training for PASS. For those of you that don’t know about PASS, it’s a great scheme that has weekly sessions run by 2 PASS leaders to go through the core curriculum of your course – it is NOT just something for people that need ‘extra support’; it’s really beneficial for absolutely everyone and is a great social setting that is well worth attending! Plus, if you get nice leaders you might even have cake and biscuits at your sessions!

For the rest of the week I’ll be attending another training session, the LEL welcome party and of course the LEL peer mentor pub crawl on Friday. Aside from that, I’ve got quite a bit of preparatory reading to do before lectures start next week, so I’d better get cracking on that…..


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