Philippa’s Blog – 08 September 2014

And Finally…..

I’ve now been awarded my PhD and was privileged to be offered a new job as Criminology Research Associate at the University of Sheffield. This position fitted in perfectly with my research and career aims, so I was delighted to accept. I’ve enjoyed a bit of time off over the summer, done a small amount of publishing work (fingers crossed the article is accepted) and started my new position on the 1st September.Sheff pic

I’m working on publishing my thesis as a monograph and developing my second research stream over the next academic year, and I hope to win Postdoctoral funding for September 2015. My next project is entitled ‘Prison Suicide: Inspection, regulation and penal reform’, which builds on my Doctoral interest in penal reform.

As I mentioned in my last post, the support and training opportunities that have been provided by The University of Manchester (and the University of Oxford where I undertook my BA and MSc) have enabled these achievements. So thanks again!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my blog over the past year and that you all enjoy a happy and successful academic year 2014-15.






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