Katerina’s Blog – 29 July 2014

He did it!

I spent the last few weeks struggling with my dissertation and eagerly waiting for the middle of July when a lot of my friends were graduating.

Graduation stories first!

My boyfriend just completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and I couldn’t be more proud of him!  All the excitement and joy was building up as friends and family waited impatiently to get into the hall and see our loved ones receive their degree.

kat graduation

The ceremony itself took place in Whitworth Hall and was truly special  (as a side note – holding graduations there is a way better use of this breathtaking hall than using it for exams – even though I can’t deny sitting for an examination facing an organ is an experience in itself). There was a person playing said organ during the ceremony, which I thought was very fitting and added something special to the atmosphere.

My favourite moment was after we had congratulated the new graduates, the Dean of the School had all of them stand and applaud the ones who supported them (us!) through the journey – you could see how much it meant to everyone in the audience.

Not that I wasn’t looking forward to graduating before, but having witnessed the ceremony I now have a whole new appreciation of the experience and how much it means, not only to the graduates but also to the ones who stood behind them throughout the way. Hopefully my own ceremony in December will  be just as emotional and special!

Writing my dissertation has been not as fun as I hoped lately as I have struggled quite a bit with refining the details of the whole thing.  I never imagined there would be so many minute details that need dealing with so that the research is scientifically sound. It becomes very frustrating at times as I am the type of person who likes looking at the bigger picture but I guess the Devil is in the details, right? The whole thing is teaching me so many things though! I am not even going to try to explain how much it has enhanced my academic understanding and how much I learned about myself, self-motivation and discipline – skills I am absolutely certain are useful in any field of life, not just academia.

Lastly, a quick update on my gym activity – unfortunately, my initial enthusiasm for going almost every day to the gym slowly started to fade but I am still managing to go to the gym and attend at least one class a week, which, given my past history of wasted gym memberships, is a great success!

Hope you are all having an exciting summer!

Lots of love,



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